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World Premiere: Client Spotlight Video — Tourism Ireland

Regular readers of this blog are no doubt familiar with the strong partnership between ModSquad and our client Tourism Ireland. Over the past few years, we’ve introduced you to the marketing entity that promotes the island of Ireland to tourists around the world. We’ve presented an inside glimpse at the organization’s annual Digital Days conference, in which Tourism Ireland’s local team, regional market teams, and partners discuss the tourism and digital marketing fields. We’ve even tagged along as Tourism Ireland took ModSquad on a familiarity trip to explore the local food scene in Belfast.

We’ve been proud of the work we’ve done helping Tourism Ireland reach more travelers around the world through native-language engagement in 21 regional markets. That work prompted our friends at the organization to collaborate with ModSquad on a recent case study. And our efforts have been noticed by the industry at large: Just weeks ago, we were awarded Gold status in the 2019 Golden Bridge Awards for Achievement of the Year, Community Engagement, for the work we’ve done on behalf of Tourism Ireland.

Now, we’re thrilled to present our ModSquad Client Spotlight Video, which speaks to the enduring strength of this partnership and the quality of the work the Mods have performed for Tourism Ireland. In this exclusive new video, Brian Harte, Tourism Ireland’s Head of Consumer Engagement and E-Marketing, gives insights into the organization and its background. Amid visuals of Ireland’s stunning landscapes and many of its popular activities, Harte discusses the ways in which ModSquad helps Tourism Ireland’s overall mission. “ModSquad, for us, represents the first welcome that Ireland has for our consumers,” he says.

Harte also discusses how, in ModSquad, they found a partner that could match their ambitious scope and energy and expand their social and community reach. “We were looking for a pure-play community management, digital-native agency that was going to take us to the next level of our own community management,” he says. “They really impressed us with flexibility, they came across as innovative, and the energy was incredible that we got from the team. And so it has proven since.”

We hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed putting it together. And a word of warning: After watching the clip, you’re going to have a strong desire to pack your bags and book a trip to Ireland!

Thanks again to our generous colleagues at Tourism Ireland.

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