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Case Study: ModSquad Helps Tourism Ireland Reach More Travelers Around the World


Tourism Ireland is responsible for marketing the Emerald Isle, with its stunning landscapes, brilliant history, and breathtaking attractions, as a holiday destination for visitors from overseas. The organization’s brand promise is of joyful immersion, which it provides online through its website, forums, and social media platforms. With engagement programs underway in 21 markets worldwide, Tourism Ireland sought to identify a partner that could not only manage those communications channels but also speak to consumers throughout those markets in their own languages. 

Not only would this require outsourced agents ready to supply native-language work in multiple languages on social media, they’d need to be able to handle each market uniquely. A prospective visitor from a foreign country might seek information using regional references and vernacular; where a U.S-based tourist looking for details about the Ring of Kerry might compare it to the Pacific Coast Highway, a traveler from Italy might mention the Amalfi Coast. Additionally, it was important to utilize local agents who are familiar with the local tourism customs of their particular market while maintaining a wide range of knowledge about visitor interests ranging from genealogy to golf to Game of Thrones. Tourism Ireland found those skills, and much more, with ModSquad.

Tourism Ireland currently ranks as the fourth most popular tourism board in the world on Facebook and Twitter, and number three on YouTube. With more than 100,000 yearly social interactions, the Mods have found success in surpassing Tourism Ireland’s growth targets. Tellingly, this social growth has generated recognition from the continent. In France, the Tourism Ireland market team in Paris was named the number-one tourist board for best overseas destination on social media at 2019’s International French Travel Market.

ModSquad serves as the bridge that connects Ireland to interested travelers around the world. Get a glimpse into the inner workings of this successful partnership in this new case study from ModSquad.

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