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Upgrade Your Outsourcing

Meet and exceed your KPIs, deliver quality support, protect your brand, engage your community. And do it all while slashing costs and regaining control. It’s simple—SourceUp with ModSquad.

This is intelligent outsourcing

Part human, part artificial

ModSquad takes you on the smartest route to the best possible outcomes. That means applying artificial intelligence, intelligently, plus a healthy mix of automation and human expertise, precisely tailored for your project.

We founded our entire business on helping clients incorporate new technology to drive better results. The tools have improved, but our mission hasn’t changed.


The best results start with data. At ModSquad, data is in our DNA. We use it to tailor your project, predict the coverage you need, and scale services on demand. We smash CSAT scores and exceed moderation KPIs. But doesn’t end there. Ongoing optimization is our calling card.

AI & automation-powered

We have the hard-earned technical expertise and best-in-class partners to help you cut through the noise. We’ll help squeeze every last drop of efficiency out of your tools and processes with the latest AI and automation. And if that means you end up spending less, that’s okay.


Meet your team: the top 1% of customer experience experts from a global job pool. They’re tech-savvy and high-EQ. Best of all, they already know your industry and brand because they chose their own projects. These aren’t your typical agents – they’re Mods!

Reject the cost/quality trade-off

Get the high-quality services you need without breaking the bank, or sacrificing control.

Content Moderation from the folks who pioneered it

Protect your customers and community with Trust & Safety you can actually trust. We’ll help you tame the digital world’s dark side with adaptable AI and expert community managers armed with ModSquad’s proprietary behavior matrix. Trolls don’t stand a chance.

Content Moderation from the folks who pioneered it
Laser focused, we never sleep.

Customer Support that increases CSAT, not spend

Swap burned budgets and dented CS for our data-driven alternative. We’re talking AI-assisted scalable coverage exactly when you need it, curated teams of experts in any language, and in the industry. Spotify uses us for a 92% CSAT rate — see how you can, too.

Customer Support that increases CSAT, not spend
Fuel your outsourcing goals.

Strategy & Technical Integration Services that raise your game

Buying tools and workflows is easy. Supertuning them with one eye on the frontline? Less so. Finesse your tech stack while keeping daily operations cranking. We’ll help develop a strategy or implement and customize. We also manage, report, and optimize operations or train you to do it yourself.

Strategy & Technical Integration Services that raise your game
Have clipboard. Will travel.

Secure your work, and your workers, with our remote native platform

We’ve always worked remotely. So who better to build a security solution that protects your work — while liberating workers — at the same time? Introducing Cubeless, the patent-pending secure workspace that powers our secure CX platform.

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