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The View from My Window, ModSquad-Style

In our 2019 World Photography Day article, Mod Daniela S. noted, “There’s magic everywhere; you just have to pay attention.” That sentiment seems more true than ever. Beauty isn’t just limited to Instagrammable vacation hotspots half a world away. It can be found right outside your door.

Taking a cue from the popular “View from My Window” Facebook group, we decided to tap into our Mod network to get a sneak peek into their worlds via the views from their windows. From colorful flowering trees to distant foggy mountains, there’s no shortage of unique, breathtaking views as supplied by our global Mods. We hope you enjoy a few of the vistas that our Mods experience on a daily basis.

Here’s a tranquil view from Florida to kick things off. Featuring gorgeous flora and a pop of bright red blooms, this scenery helps to start the day off right. (Photo by Sionainn W.)

Some sights are almost too lovely to believe. From New Zealand comes this landscape shot of an impressive hilltop overlooking a wide lake. The low clouds, bright sky, and vivid blue water come together to make an incredible scene. (Photo by Justine L.)

The View from My Window, ModSquad-Style

Over in Indiana is this stunning water channel, its deep blue water framed with bright green grass and picturesque homes. (Photo by Amanda D.)

Not all beautiful views are purely natural. From Colombia comes this urban view of a bus station at twilight. The way the trees frame the evening sky makes this a unique scene. (Photo by Henry D.)

From a four-story apartment in Argentina comes this atmospheric urban snapshot, with the beautiful Andes mountain range peeking through from behind the trees. (Photo by Lucas B.)

Sometimes interesting views come from our workspaces! This intriguing view is enjoyed by the people in our European Operations Center in Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland. It offers an entirely new perspective of the city with its unique view of classic rooftops. (Photo by Alyd M.)

What is it about water that makes a view so special? From Florida, this sun room provides a safe harbor for a potential looming storm. (Photo by Brian F.)

We’re stretching the definition of a window view just a bit, but this gorgeous image is too good to not share. We’re back in Northern Ireland for a postcard-worthy shot. The mixture of classic architecture and vibrant green makes this picture a keeper. (Photo by Francesco U.)

It’s a double rainbow all the way! And who knows, you may find a pot of gold just outside this kitchen window in Ireland, where this picture was snapped. (Photo by Martin H.)

‘Tis the stuff dreams are made of. From Ireland comes this rural landscape shot of a vast field dotted with grazing sheep. (Photo by Marcella D.)

The contributor of these pictures knows just how to relax, thanks to recommendations from ModSquad colleagues on the beauty of hammock life. This Maryland resident finds those moments spent watching clouds drift across the sky to be among the most relaxing of the day — except when an inquisitive frog decided to join our squeamish Mod for a rest! (Photos by Jenny Y.)

As a global company with a remote workforce in more than 70 countries around the world, ModSquad is made up of thousands and thousands of unique, talented individuals, each with their own story to tell, and their own window onto the world. We thank them for making this virtual expedition possible.

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