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ModSquad Celebrates World Photography Day 2019

Having people around the globe makes us perfectly suited to provide around-the-clock support for your community, but that’s not all. Our geographic diversity also means that we have front row seats to some of the most beautiful vistas on Earth, which we’re delighted to share. In anticipation of World Photography Day, we invite you to travel with us on a photographic journey around the globe, from a glorious sunrise in Indonesia to wintery days in the USA.

In the words of Mod Daniela S., “There’s magic everywhere; you just have to pay attention.” We need look no further than these exceptional snapshots to know that her words are true. 

“I’ve been in love with volcanoes since I was a child. Indonesia’s Mount Bromo was the first volcano I saw with my own eyes. It started fuming just a day before I got there, so the whole experience was better than I imagined. Watching the sunrise on that spot is something I will never forget.”
— David M., Colombia

“This is a pic I took from the Blue Ridge Parkway in western North Carolina. It was late evening as I was wrapping up my drive, and it had just rained a bit and created this beautiful haze with beams of light. It perfectly illustrates why they’re called the Blue Ridge Mountains. When I was young, I thought I couldn’t wait to live anywhere else, to get away from these small towns and mountains. As I grew up, I realized it’s in every fiber of my being. I love these beautiful blue mountains.”
— Aunya R., United States

“Ards Forest, Donegal is a 70-minute drive southwest from the ModSquad Derry Operations Center. I enjoy hiking around Ards Forest Park, and Conyngham rock makes this one of the most visually magical elements of the whole region. It’s one of those places that can momentarily and beautifully rob me of my breath when I absorb the stunning, surreal magnificence of my surroundings. To be fair, in Ireland, that level of beauty is everywhere.”
— Joseph M., Northern Ireland

“One of my favorite summertime hobbies is photographing fireworks.”
— Tarina C., United States

“Yakushima is a beautiful island, covered by a rainy forest. There’s moss everywhere and the cedar trees are thousands of years old. It’s a deep and savage forest, full of magic and yōkais (Japanese folklore). The trees are kings and you can imagine the vast forest continuing on in the picture’s background. I loved trekking there, even though the rain made it dangerous. This wonderful, magical picture shows how nature is the queen of the island!”
— Justine L., Japan

“This shot was taken in Azet, in Hautes-Pyrénées, France.”
— Charlotte B. France

“This is a portrait of a hognose snake named Nemesis. I create close-up portraits of my reptilian friends surrounded by roses every spring, when my garden is in full bloom, with the goal of helping soften the image of snakes. Reptiles are typically seen as “edgy,” and I’m part of a growing movement to take efforts to destigmatize less conventionally cute and cuddly pets. My “Flower Pile” portraits are catching on, and I’ve seen other reptile bloggers across social media starting to do the same.”
— Rabbit K., United States

“Here are two shots: The first is across from where I live and the second is in my studio.The first shows the beauty of Mother Nature and the second the gift of life.”
— Sonya M., United States

To anyone interested in taking up photography as a hobby, we have some advice for you from Mod David M. “What I love about photography is being able to capture the beauty of this stunning world we live in,” he says. “The best way to get started is to get out there and start taking pictures. You can start with your phone. I’m always amazed by the quality of the new phone cameras that come out every year. Practicing is key. The more you practice, the better you become.”

So there you have it. Another wonderful journey around the world through the eyes and lenses of our talented photographers. Want to see more? You’re in luck. We’ll be publishing more great photos on our social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) in the days to come. Check them out!

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Posted on August 15, 2019

These are all such beautiful shots! Nice to see everyone enjoying the world!

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