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How ModSquad Helps Optimize Airports’ Passenger Experience

Eyes on glass. In corporate terms, it means the continuous monitoring of a system. But put it into the aviation spectrum, and one envisions air-traffic controllers huddled intently over radar screens, keeping constant vigilance to safeguard all passengers under their watch.

Apply that concept to the airport’s social media presence. Travelers have become savvy enough to post or tweet at airports’ customer service operations for speedy resolutions to their queries. Without constant eyes on glass, or someone monitoring those channels, one would be left with unanswered questions and frustrated customers. That’s why more airports are turning to partners like ModSquad to provide that augmented support. Having a team of global agents (or, as we call them, “Mods”) to cover an airport’s social networks frees up the airport’s team to cover additional tasks.

As experts in social media monitoring for the stringent airport industry, ModSquad has the back of airport staffers and passengers alike. Just look at the work we’ve done for Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (read our DFW case study), which illustrates the value in augmenting an in-house team with social media support from ModSquad. The Mods monitor all social channels and direct messages and respond in real time. Case in point is an incident where a phone call alerted the airport to a potential security situation in the parking lot. ModSquad immediately went into overdrive, monitoring everything from social comments to direct messages to ensure that the airport team had complete visibility, and responded as quickly as possible. With a constant watch on social media, the Mods will at times see things from customers before the airport’s security team. In this case, the report fortunately turned out to be a false alarm, but it underscored the importance of ModSquad’s continuous eyes on glass.

At other times, ModSquad’s presence can help improve the passenger experience at an airport. Take, for example, the Paralympian with a large social following who came through DFW in a wheelchair. A placard on the mirror in the restroom was placed at her eye level and blocked her view. ModSquad saw her comments on social media and responded immediately. DFW’s customer experience team removed those placards from the mirrors, which the Paralympian noted on social on her next trip. Staying on top of passengers’ social comments can help quickly turn a situation from negative to positive.

ModSquad also leads the way in establishing and maintaining a support infrastructure that alleviates some of the burden for airport staff. At Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, ModSquad helped PHX establish a Zendesk support system that assists more than 100,000 daily customers. Read the PHX case study to learn more.

With interactions such as these happening on a regular basis, it’s easy to see how augmenting their social teams assists airports in supporting and protecting their passengers and their brand. ModSquad helps airports offer superior traveler experiences by improving:

Social channel monitoring — Constant coverage alerts airports to any problematic digital content and offers rapid response to on-the-go travelers.

Passenger experience — Outsourced agents can meet customers where and how they choose to communicate, whether on social media, email, chat, phone, or in-app, 24/7/365.

Many of the Mods are travel enthusiasts themselves. Having that passion for the air travel industry ingrained in them, it’s second nature for the Mods to provide spot-on support to airport customers. With that kind of specialized service, airports worldwide can set their course for first-class passenger engagement.

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