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Mod of the Month – May 2024

Mod of the Month – May 2024

This month’s Mod of the Month has proved herself by doing fantastic work for our clients in the gaming and healthcare industries.

Congratulations Lisa E.!

Lisa E.

It’s not surprising since Lisa’s passion is helping others. It’s something she does in all aspects of her life."

She loves that being a Mod is about helping others. Her favorite role is directly connecting with customers through engagement moderation. "I truly enjoy meeting, engaging, supporting, and providing helpful information for people who need it."

And then there’s working in the gaming industry, which she loves. As a kid raised on Atari and a mom who has logged a lot of time leveling up on various games with her son, she’s at home assisting fellow gamers.

We appreciate Lisa’s experience. Not only did she work in the CS industry, but she was also an entrepreneur. Before joining ModSquad, she had a blossoming plant nursery. It’s there that she honed her considerable social media and community-building skills.

The ability to set her own schedule and work remotely allows her to help her family, too. With her uncle requiring full-time care, Lisa was able to step forward and help care for him. The flexibility has been a lifeline.

What keeps Lisa here? The community of fellow Mods. “You’re never alone with ModSquad." Being part of ModSquad means never feeling stranded. She likes being part of a cohesive distributed team rather than working from home alone. "Here at ModSquad, there's always a helping hand available. Whether it's fellow Mods or managers, there's someone ready to offer guidance and support," she shares warmly. "I've encountered some of the most compassionate, supportive, and remarkable individuals at ModSquad."

Her colleagues had these lovely things to say about her:

I have her on a project I took over a few months ago. Lisa jumped in to help with anything we needed to help rebuild. The client loves her, and she’s always looking for ways to do more and better. She consistently helps her teammates, and if we need a shift covered, Lisa is there.
Robert Rovan
Lisa is amazing. I love her attitude and dedication to learning. She is an excellent all-around Mod!
Jessica W.
I love Lisa! I have worked with her on multiple projects, and she has the best attitude and work ethic. She cares about her work, and her clients are top-notch.
Janice B.

When not working or gaming, Lisa loves to spend time with her family in the multi-generational home she shares with her mother and adult son. The close-knit family is always there to support one another ... and their extensive collection of pets. She has two dogs who, she jokes, “are always with me while I work and ensure my lap and feet are never cold.” There are also six chickens and pastures of cows with their beautiful calves.

Thanks for all your hard work, Lisa!

If you’d like to work with amazing folks like Lisa, Join the Mods today!. (Chickens and cute cows not included.)

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