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The Metaverse

Real CX Services for Virtual Worlds

From the Original Metaverse experience company.

If you build it, they will come.
But will they stay?

The Metaverse is top of mind these days. Companies today are building and imagining tomorrow’s virtual 3D worlds. Enticing the curious to check out novel experiences is easy. Converting them into loyal fans requires more.

The Human Layer

While technologists focus on creating the physical and fiscal aspects of the virtual worlds, we focus on the human experience. We design and deliver the interactions that greet your residents on day one, help them onboard, and keep them engaged and enchanted and coming back for more. You provide the world, we’ll provide the connection.

“Whatever shape the Metaverse eventually takes, we know that in the end it will be, just like today’s Internet, about people.”

– Rich Weil, ModSquad CXO

A Metaverse-First Approach

You can’t maximize the potential of the Metaverse with legacy 2D strategies and tactics. Unlocking the possibilities requires fresh thinking and new playbooks. This doesn’t come magically from armchair theorizing, it comes from in world immersion and adoption.

Founded in the Metaverse,
for the Metaverse

Over 15 years ago, ModSquad — fka Metaverse ModSquad — was hatched in Second Life with a mission to make virtual worlds safer and more engaging. We’ve greeted n00bs, thrown parties, battled griefers, and scrubbed content for top brands and organizations including NFL, CW Network, National Geographic, the United States Army, and even Second Life.

Our Metaverse Clients

Rez'd and ready since 2007.

CX for the Metaverse

Strategy & Planning

We start with our Metaverse-first approach and customize it to your business goals. We ensure that you have a comprehensive plan to grow and protect your community.

Technology & Innovation

We combine industry leading CX tools with your propriety tech stack and deliver it all on our our secure CX platform powered by our patent-pending secure workspace, Cubeless.

Operations & Talent

Everything you need to make your virtual world flourish: the process and best practices and a curated team of Metaverse experts.

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