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Customized CX Services for Technology and Digitally Born Companies

Innovative products require innovative CX solutions.

Customized CX Services for Technology and Digitally Born Companies
Digital know how, analog flavor.

Leave all the CXy stuff to us

Digitally born companies are unique: they’re innovative and agile, just like their customers. The last thing you want is an out-of-touch call center experience.

ModSquad was founded in the digital generation. We’ve always had the iPhone, and we cut our teeth on the metaverse and early social media. Our process is data-driven and automation-powered, guided by the top 1% of global CX experts. Deliver quality CX while cutting costs and gaining control.

Benefits include

  • Tier-0 to Technical Support Operations
  • 2x faster global ramp-up in over 90 languages
  • Bidirectional rapid scalability

Customer Support

Omnichannel customer care and technical support services scaled precisely to meet demand.

Moderation & Community

Protect your brand and ensure trust and safety while building the vibrant community every brand wants.

Strategy, Consulting, & Analytics

From planning and reporting to AI and automation ingegration, we have the exptertise to supercharge your services.

Results and Outcomes

Quotation mark graphicModSquad is switched on. They proactively identify and address issues. It’s changed our operation for the better.

Learn more about our work with Spotify in the case study.

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