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Trust and Safety

Think of us as digital crossing guards.
Think of us as digital crossing guards.

Protect your Customers, Community, and Brand

Business Critical CX Services from ModSquad

The three keys to Trust and Safety

Our digital world is full of harmful content and bad conduct. It’s always a liability. Sometimes it’s an existential threat.

Addressing the threat isn’t a one-time thing. Trust and Safety isn’t an insurance policy. It’s not a yearly purchase you make and then stick in a drawer. Something you only use if the worst happens.

You need a plan

You need to focus on your values and your vision. You need to know your business requirements and goals. And you need a sound understanding of the law.

And you need to understand the full range of human behavior. You need a strategy for coaxing behavior in the right direction, and plans for when it goes awry. You need a roadmap for handling crises. And you’ll need an inventory of the policies and procedures, the tools and the team required to execute those plans.

You must be proactive

Trust and safety requires constant vigilance. It requires moderating your content and monitoring behavior, social listening and community management. Early detection and prevention require almost all the tools in the CX toolbox.

You must react rapidly

When a crisis occurs, you have to be ready to act on your plans. You need an experienced team standing by to scale up quickly and execute effectively. This is no time for amateurs or temps.

Stay safe out there.

ModSquad is the leader in Trust and Safety

Since 2007, we’ve been protecting customers, communities, and brand experiences online. We were pioneers in moderation and community management. We’ve been trusted experts in COPPA law and child safety.

Every company “has lawyers”. ModSquad was founded by an attorney. The legal perspective isn’t an external accessory. It’s intrinsic to how we design and deliver our services.

And it isn’t just about having 15 years of experience — it’s what we have done with it. We’ve taken all that insight and hard won knowledge and crafted our Behavior Matrix — the comprehensive framework by which we evaluate and develop trust and safety programs.

Combine that with our industry leading customization, flexibility, and quality, and you’ve got everything you need for a sound trust and safety program.

Why trust your customers, community, or brand to anyone else?

Give us 30 minutes and we'll walk you through our Trust and Safety program.

Evaluating your Trust and Safety posture? Chatting with us is the best investment you can make.

Best Case

Your search for a Trust and Safety partner is over.

Worst Case

You enjoy a friendly consultation with a knowledgeable expert and walk away with an overview of a modern, professional, and comprehensive Trust and Safety program.

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Our Trust and Safety Services

Everything you need for a comprehensive solution.


Give your Trust and Safety posture a 360 review. We’ll evaluate your team, tools, policies, and practices from every perspective.

Strategy and Planning

We’ll help you craft a comprehensive plan for preventing and responding to the wide variety of undesirable content and behavior you might encounter. All plans are customized to your brand, goals, and risk tolerance. They're informed by our experience and expertise.

Services include:

  • Cross-Platform Strategic Planning
  • Moderation Guideline Analysis and Development
  • Chat and Safety Toolset Recommendations

Proactive Capabilities

Ensuring trust and safety requires continuous monitoring and involvement. It entails removing inappropriate content, being vigilant on social media, and steering your audience in a positive direction. Often it requires a mix of CX services, including:

Crisis Management and Incident Response

Be prepared to respond to anything from escalations or full-blown crises with our crisis management services.

We Deliver Top Notch Trust and Safety Services for the World's Best Brands

And we've been doing it since 2007.

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