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Technical Support

When you need more than standard customer care.

Great customer support is the key to success. That's why top brands trust their customers to us.

When you need more than standard customer care.
We'll get your customers back on the road faster than an F1 pit stop.

Technical Support That Fuels Your Product Lifecycle.

The best technical support doesn't just help customers; it's your eyes and ears on the frontlines of real life user testing. The data, analysis, and feedback are invaluable for improving your product and optimizing your documentation.

When you SourceUp your technical support, our Mods work closely with your product and operations team to keep things running smoothly today and smoother tomorrow.

Hightest CSAT, Lowest TCO

Inspire loyalty and word-of-mouth without breaking the bank. You no longer have to sacfrice quality for cost. Save up to 25% over traditional BPOs.

AI-Powered Efficiency

Cutting-edge technology deserves cutting edge support. We cut through the hype and deploy functional solutions that analyze, optimize and predict technical resolutions so you operate at max efficiency.

Expert Team

We staff the top 1% of global tech experts and let them choose their own project. The result? Your team probably already knows your troubleshooting steps (and is busy improving them).

ModSquad by the Numbers

When it comes to measurable results, traditional outsourcing is no where close.

2x Faster

We ramp up teams faster than any outsourcer on the planet. Just ask Spotify.

55+ Languages

No matter what language your customers speak, we speak it too.

1% Shrinkage

Forecasting headaches are a thing of the past with our on-demand staffing.

~20% Savings

Forget the ineffecient FTE model and scheduling Tetris. Our Mods are 100% utilized.

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