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Social Media

Slide into our DMs.
Slide into our DMs.

Have the Social Media Experience Every Brand Wants

We’ll help get you there.

The Challenge

Social media.

Your community is there. They’re engaging with you and each other. They’re creating mountains of content.

Your customers are there. They’re asking for help and posting reviews.

They all want your attention.

The whole world is watching.

No pressure.

The Goal

These days, great social media is a necessity, not a nice-to-have. Great social boosts your brand. Nail it and you end up with a “stickiness” that increases conversion, inspires loyalty, and attracts new followers and customers.

But how do you achieve that? Maintain it? Grow it? And ultimately protect it?

Where Do You Turn for Help?

Everyone says they “do social”. Do they?

Traditional call centers and legacy say they do it. Do we really even need to explain why that’s a terrible idea? Agencies are great at creating content, campaigns, and events — you want that stuff. But do they have the bandwidth to run it all? Do they work nights and weekends? Do they speak all the languages you need to support?

Relax. We're Pros.
#TBT #OldSchool #ModsRule!

The Answer Is ModSquad

We have the experience, expertise, and bandwidth you need to take your social media presence to the next level.

We’ve been helping great companies deliver safe, on-brand, and engaging social media experiences since we started in 2007 (when social media was barely a thing).

We’ve figured out what works universally, and what needs channel-specific tweaking. We’ll help you navigate the wide range of online behavior: prevent the worst, and inspire the best. We can be your strong hand and your white glove.

And we’ve operationalized all of it and made it on demand. Have the right strategy, tactics, and team in the right place at the right time. Never shorthanded, never overstaffed.

No one “does social” better than us.

The Solution Is Social Media Services From ModSquad

We’ve been helping great companies deliver safe, on-brand, and engaging social media experiences since we started in 2007 (when social media was barely a thing). We’ve successfully provided CX on every platform since. We’ve distilled the universal truths about social media, and we’ve developed channel-specific and cross-platform tactics. We’ve got the experience and the team to help you have the social presence every brand wants.

No one “does social” better than us.

Give us 30 minutes and we'll walk you through our comprehensive approach to social.

If you’re looking at outsourced social media services, this is the best investment you can make.

Best Case

Your search for social media help is over.

Worst Case

You enjoy a friendly consultation with a knowledgeable expert. We nerd out on your project. You walk away with a fresh view of the social landscape and a head start on your RFP.

Not ready to chat? More of a reader? Keep scrolling for more information on our moderation solution.

Social CX as a Service

Tick every box on your RFP and then some.

ModSquad’s Professional Solution


We’ve been offering the full range of CX services since social was just getting started. We don’t just “do social” — we live and breathe it.


Social media is never one-size-fits-all. We tailor our services to match your brand, community, and goals. We base it all on your data, your KPIs, and your business goals. And we do it on every platform that exists today, and tomorrow.

Scalability & Control

Customized is great to start, but things always change in the CX world. We give you the flexibility to scale up — or down — on-demand. Never shorthanded, never overstaffed.

On Brand

Our Mods know your audience because they are your customers; they are part of your community. They don’t just speak your language, they speak your brand.

The right team doing the right jobs

We assemble the team based on the services you need, from strategy and management to engagement moderation. No interns running the show. And no manager smashing the like button. You get the hourly services of Mods, AMs, CMs, and strategists.

Seamless Integration

Whether we’re augmenting your existing team or running the show, we’re experts in picking up the tools and workflows you prefer or recommending and deploying the industry’s best.


With our cost model and constant communication, you’ll always know where your project stands and what to expect. No surprises!


All CX services are protected by our secure CX platform powered by Cubeless — our patent-pending secure workspace.

Cost Effective

Our on-demand social services mean you pay for the services you need when you need them. You’re always right staffed.


Every Platform

We support every social platform and specialize in cross-platform projects. Cover all of today’s networks, and tomorrow’s.

Trust and Safety

We offer a comprehensive trust and safety program including content moderation.

Online Behavior Expertise

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned about online moderation and developed our proprietary Behavior Matrix. We identify and prevent the darkest behaviors, such as grooming, radicalization, and terrorism.

Any Tools

We’re fluent in all major social media management tools. Looking for a new solution? We can recommend and deploy the industry's best.

Customer Support Services

Helping your customers on social is different. We have specific tactics and strategies for great customer support.

Community Management Services

From scripted engagement to strategic planning, we cover everything in community management.

Agency Support

When digital agencies need to scale for ad campaigns, rapid growth, or crisis management, they turn to us to augment their internal teams.

In Market

Get the languages you need in the places you require. We have Mods in over 90 countries speaking over 50 languages.


Strategy & Tactics

  • Social Media Playbook
  • Brand Tone & Voice Development
  • Campaigns & Activation Consultation
  • CRM Toolset Recommendations, Implementation, and Training
  • Social Crisis Strategy
  • Develop Ambassador and Influencer Program

Research & Data

  • Competitive Analysis and Industry Trends
  • Social Listening Reports, Sentiment and Trend Analysis
  • Community Analysis and Reporting

Management & Operations

  • Content and Activity Calendars
  • Campaign, Contest, and Event Support
  • Ambassador and Influencer Management
  • Managing Social Ad Programs
  • Crisis Management and Response

Content & Engagement Moderation

  • Scripted Social Care
  • Trust & Safety, Behavior Management
  • Social Community Engagement

We Deliver Top Notch Social Media Services for the World's Best Brands

And we've been doing it since 2007.

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