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We'll keep you in the race!
We'll keep you in the race!

In-House Quality,
Outsourced Prices,
Unparalleled Control

Stop making outsourcing trade-offs. Trade up to ModSquad.

Customer Support Is a Challenge

Tell us if this sounds familiar.

You’re in charge of CS. You’ve got a budget.

You need to be prepared for anything — good or bad. Product launches, viral growth, seasonal spikes, unexpected lulls. You never want to get caught shorthanded, or stuck overstaffed.

In-house is expensive. Ramping up is slow. Downsizing is painful. You never have exactly the amount of coverage you need.

You look for help, but...

Traditional Outsourcing Is a Bait and Switch

Those outdated call centers love to talk about their solution — the same one-size-fits-none solution they’ve been peddling since the '70s.

They try to lure you in with cheap hourly rates, but then sell you FTEs. They claim to make you more flexible, then they lock you into rigid contracts. They promise to help you scale but ramping up is slow and painful. And forget about reducing resources. They claim they’re good at what they do, that they’re experts — but their reputation speaks for itself.

Don't take the bait
Don't take the bait!

Traditional outsourcing is a trap — one you can easily avoid.

There’s a Better Solution

There’s a solution specifically tailored to you. One that looks at your data and your goals and then assembles the team, the tools, and the workflows to get the job done the right way — your way.

There’s a solution that gives you control and flexibility. One that lets you keep your hand on the dial. One that lets you quickly scale up (and down) so you’re never shorthanded or overstaffed.

There’s a solution that gives you in-house quality. One with high CSAT scores and support so on-brand your customers will think it's you.

There’s a solution that is truly cost effective. One that deploys hourly resources exactly where you need them. One that values efficiency and optimization. One that drives real value by reducing cost per ticket.

The solution is ModSquad.

Give us 30 minutes and we'll give you a fresh perspective on CS.

Considering outsourcing CS? This is the best investment you can make.

Best Case

Your search for outsourced CS is over.

Worst Case

You enjoy a friendly consultation with a knowledgeable expert. We nerd out on your project, your data, your goals, and your KPIs. You walk away with a new way to model CS costs and a slew of new bullet points for your RFP.

Not ready to chat? More of a reader? Keep scrolling!

Customer Support as a Service

Tick every box on your RFP and then some.

The ModSquad Difference


To your data and business goals.


Have the flexibility to scale up or down on-demand.

In-House Quality

Have a team of experts and fans that "get it".


Get continuous optimization.

Seamless Integration

To your tools and workflows.


Get clear pricing and communication — no surprises!


All CX services are protected by our secure CX platform powered by Cubeless — our patent-pending secure workspace. We offer services that comply with standards such as SOC2 Type 2, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS and tailor them to your project.

Highest ROI

Highest CSAT and lowest cost per ticket.

If that went by too fast, here's more about how we're different from outdated outsourcers.



We provide support on any platform, including web, email, voice, tickets, live chat, text, mobile, in-game, and social.

In Market

Get the languages you need in the regions you require. We have Mods in over 90 countries speaking over 50 languages.

Any Tier

From triage to high level, from Tier 0 to technical.

Short Term Burst Mode

Short term contracts available for seasonal rush, product launches, and dumpster fires.

Strategic Services

We're a full-service provider with expertise to assist with the whole customer support pipeline, including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Tool Selection and Implementation
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Knowledge Base and FAQ Creation and Maintenance
  • Training Program Development and Delivery

We Deliver Top Notch Customer Support for the World's Best Brands

And we've been doing it since 2007.

Our Clients
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See Our Track Record

Want to learn more about what we've done? Check out our Resource Library and our Blog.

Call in the Mods!

Let's talk about your CS project today

Give us a shout and we'll show you how you can stop compromising and get the control, quality, and cost effective customer support you're looking for.


Still just looking around? Learn more about why you should hire us.

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