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Whatever the Weather, ModSquad’s Ready to Rock

In case you’re in one of the seemingly many regions of the world where the recent abnormal weather made it seem as though the world was coming to an end, we feel your pain.

We’ve seen stories of weather anomalies ranging from the quirky to the downright apocalyptic.

In normally sunny California, the Pineapple Express roared into town, with the rain wreaking havoc with our staffers newly submerged garages…

and forcing commuters to choose between wet and dry lanes…

and the heavy winds turning Porta-Potties into flying death bombs of blue-tinted waste.

In Ireland, which in some regions normally sees little winter accumulation, recent snows were cause for travel disruptions and hand-wringing by headline writers. Fortunately, the staff of our Operations Centre in Londonderry bravely weathered the storm, reporting no adverse effects.

And in the land of Oz, our Australian workmates are suffering from a summertime heat wave that one news report gently describes as “Australia Descends Into Literal Hell.”

Heck, even in Orlando, Florida, where bad weather is forbidden at the Happiest Place on Earth, a recent RunDisney marathon was canceled due to severe weather. Must have been a brief anomaly, as local Mod Tim Hayworth reports, “Crazy weather? Yeah, it dropped below 60 degrees for like three days in a row. That was nuts!” So at least it’s not that bad everywhere.

We extend our deepest and non-ironic sympathies to those negatively affected by Mother Nature’s recent bad mood (particularly the unfortunate soul who has to clean up that Porta-Potty if it’s blown over).

But we’re happy to report that ModSquad, like the famous wind-up bunny of old, keeps on going. We’re not restricted to a handful of locations that can be disrupted by extreme weather, power outages, or free-donut Fridays. With our network of 10,000+ Mods situated around the world, the ModSquad solution is an effective preventative against any regional disruptions. Our global network offers clients a built-in redundancy that assures constant coverage and peace of mind.

We’re not ones to tempt fate (or Mother Nature, for that matter), but we’re confident in our ability to be there for clients, rain or shine, day or night, weekday or weekend, 24/7. In the meantime, if the weather in your neck of the woods is pleasant, make the most of it — get outside, enjoy yourself… and send us a picture! Some of us haven’t seen the sun in weeks!

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