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Project Manager of the Quarter – July 2018

For our newest Project Manager of the Quarter, 2018 marks eight years since he joined ModSquad. He started as an outstanding Mod contractor. Now, he’s a hardworking, dependable, and yes, still outstanding Project Manager. That’s why we’re shining our spotlight on Andrew Monk, our July 2018 Project Manager of the Quarter!

Andrew joined ModSquad (then Metaverse Mod Squad) back in August 2010, as a Mod contractor doing Quality Assurance analysis for one of our gaming clients. His work impressed the client and his Project Manager so much that he applied for a full-time employee position and is now a Project Manager.

Most of the projects Andrew has managed over the past several years involve technical support for enterprise clients or customer support for consumers. With his years of experience working in customer support, Andrew is a strong advocate for the value that proper support provides to any business. He knows how important each individual customer experience is and emphasizes that to the Mods on his team.

When individual experiences are not prioritized in the grand scheme of a company, they can lose a lot of customers who otherwise would be loyal to their brand based on positive experiences. Through positive customer experiences, my clients are able to nurture long-term stability for their company, as well as their internal employees.

Andrew makes it his goal as a Project Manager to ensure the Mods have all the resources and tools they need to deliver excellent experiences every time they interact with a customer. With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Game Design, combined with his Associate’s degree in multimedia, Andrew is able to optimize the documentation he provides his teams.

The ultimate goal is to make project ramp-up smooth and easy for all involved.  I put a lot of work into our resource sites and documentation, while trying to break down processes to the simplest steps possible in order to achieve that goal.

Andrew encourages all Project Managers to build toward three essential goals: documentation, teamwork, and trust. He works remotely but lives not too far from our Sacramento, California Operations Center. Outside of work, he can be found playing one of the many games in his video game collection or catching a local wrestling show at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium.

The Account Managers who’ve worked with Andrew have only great things to say about him and the way he dedicates himself to his work. We’d need an entire new blog article to include them all, so we’ve selected just a few to include here.

“Andrew managed the projects for several clients of mine, and he’s proven to be focused on making sure each one gets the maximum value of the services we provide. Whether he’s launching a new project ahead of schedule or crafting solutions for whatever pops up, he always finds a way to pull off the impossible. In addition to exceeding all of our internal expectations, the most telling measure of his work is the consistent stream of kudos and thanks he receives from our clients. Each one he’s worked with considers him invaluable to their success in customer engagement.”
—Chris Nichols, Account Manager

“I’ve worked with Andrew for the past five years. I was lucky enough to have Andrew on my team when I began as a Project Manager. He made my job easy with his enthusiasm for customer support and technology. His understanding of soft customer support skills and the technical support process quickly made him an indispensable asset for my client. And he’s never stopped with that drive. I think that’s his most notable quality. Andrew navigates our unique work space with ease and consistently succeeds and improves. He’s always evolving, becoming a better manager, and becoming an expert in each project he’s involved in. Andrew cares about our clients and Mods. He leads by example. My clients have nothing but great things to say about Andrew. I’m incredibly happy to have Andrew as part of our team and I know our clients are, too.”
—Jay Biros, Account Manager

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Posted on July 24, 2018

Nice job! Eight great years….

Teresa Taylor
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    Congratulations Andrew!

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