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Project Manager of the Quarter — July 2019

We are always thrilled to introduce you to our managers, who are the hardworking, supportive, professional backbone of our company. This quarter we have the absolute pleasure to introduce you to a veritable force here at ModSquad — a Project Manager, Community Manager, and Client Markets Coordinator. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Project Manager of the Quarter, Jenny Young! Jenny supports our social media team, marketing team, and other internal departments, lending her leadership and insight across the company.

She joined the company in 2016, after being introduced to us by a client. Needless to say, it was a great match, and we feel lucky to have this talented person working alongside us.

After earning her BA and MA degrees, Jenny spent time managing international teams in recruitment and operations roles for major clients. She also spent several years working with real-life communities in the peace-building sector. Looking back, she considers that work “an amazing segue into managing online communities.” While Jenny has lived abroad, she currently calls Maryland home, alongside her Irish husband. “He’s home to me,” she notes, “no matter where in the world we live.” 

When she’s not rocking it on her ModSquad projects, you’ll find her partaking in one of her many passions: photography, travel, Bollywood films, bluegrass music, freshly brewed iced tea, and an ongoing quest to find the best biscuits in the U.S. (If you have any recommendations for Jenny on that last front, leave them in the comments section below!)

For ModSquad, Jenny brings her peerless enthusiasm to her work for clients that include Tourism Ireland and one of the world’s largest social media platforms. She is determined to showcase the best of these clients’ work, with a focus that is truly impressive.

I pour my whole heart into the brands we work with, so much so that their mission becomes my own. I then build the project around that.

Jenny shows similar support to her coworkers, noting that her happiest ModSquad memories are of those times spent with her colleagues, either in digital hangouts on in real-world meets. Her vivacious attitude and willingness to help out on any project make her a standout Project Manager.

I want the people I work with to love logging online because they believe their work is important and they know that we couldn’t make magic happen for our clients without their unique contribution.

For those looking to attain the role of a ModSquad Project Manager, Jenny offers these words of advice: 

It’s all about the love. The love your clients feel for ModSquad, the love your team feels for the brand, and the love you show your customers each and every day. Seek it out and share it ‘round! That’s what it’s all about.

Others at ModSquad are feeling equally enthusiastic about Jenny. When we asked her colleagues to share their thoughts about Jenny, they were more than willing to offer their praise.

“I have worked with Jenny for a number of years now, and Jenny is someone I (and the whole Tourism Ireland team) can depend on to take on any task, someone who steps up to every challenge Tourism Ireland throws at her. Day in and day out, Jenny goes above and beyond in the delivery and in the support of those she is in contact with here at Tourism Ireland. Her enthusiasm and love for the island of Ireland is just infectious. This reflects in her work supporting and managing the Mods in supporting Tourism Ireland’s 21 markets’ online presence to showcase the island of Ireland’s spectacular landscape and rich culture. This recognition is well deserved.”
— Christoph Schluter, Community Engagement Executive, Tourism Ireland

“Jenny is a great advocate for ModSquad’s values as well as those for each of her clients. She is a thoughtful leader who motivates her project teams and her direct reports to strive for success. Her clients are full of praise and she is key to the success of our Tourism Ireland project as well as others. She is a credit to ModSquad and a real pleasure to work with.”
— Stephen Dunne, Director of Client Services

“Jenny Y. continuously knocks my socks off. Jenny truly cares about her project teams, her projects, and gives her all to her clients. She exhibits thoughtfulness, leadership, and dedication in everything she does, and thus sets a benchmark of excellence across ModSquad.”
— Izzy Neis, Sr. Director Digital Engagement

“Jenny is amazing! She brings with her a high level of professionalism, creativity, savviness, and passion for the work she does. Jenny is also dedicated to helping those around her be more successful, including her direct team, coworkers, and clients. I really appreciate her thoughtful approach to people and situations, and the work she does for ModSquad and our clients.”
— Steve Henry, VP, Client Services

“I have learned so much from Jenny in the time I’ve known and worked with her, almost nine years now! In my eyes, she is a real leader. She inspires people to follow her and go above and beyond for our clients.”
— Elodie F., Digital Strategist

“Working with Jenny is an extraordinarily exciting journey every day! Her enthusiasm and passion are a huge driving force, and she is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled. There’s not a day that I don’t learn something from her professionalism, positive attitude, optimism, and experience.”
— Laura M., Assistant Project Manager

“I have worked with Jenny since November 2016 and I am continuously overwhelmed by her hardworking attitude and her commitment to the projects I‘ve worked on with her. Jenny has been an incredible resource to me, from when I was a Mod contractor to when I was hired as an Assistant Project Manager, and provided guidance as I worked my way to becoming a Project Manager. She is the ray of sunshine that every project needs.”
— Colin K., Project Manager

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Marco Scardella
Posted on July 16, 2019

Congrats Jenny! 🙂

Posted on July 16, 2019

Wow, all that and you play guitar! Banjo? Congratulations Jenny!!!!

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