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ModSquad’s Extra Life Marathon: A Weekend to Remember

This past weekend, on November 4-5, ModSquad stood together and made a difference.

Extra Life is a marathon video-gaming session in which enthusiasts from around the world join forces to play games and raise some charitable funds in the process.

As you’ve probably seen on the ModSquad blog, this was our fourth year raising money for Children’s Miracle Network and our local UC Davis Children’s Hospital. It’s an organization that’s near and dear to our hearts, some of us even having first-hand experience.

So while others see a group of fun-loving gamers coming together to raise money for a good cause, we also focus on the bigger picture. Our efforts over the weekend, Extra Life tells us, raised enough funds to support chemotherapy treatment or a heart monitor for a child. We’re humbled by the thought that our team members and all of ModSquad’s supporters were able to do something so wonderful, simply by doing what we love.

And there was certainly plenty of love to go ‘round this weekend! Good friends, favorite games, and friendly competition kept things interesting and helped our team ward off their greatest challenge–the allure of sleep! Check out how it all went down.

At our Sacramento, California operations center, the team got together to kick off the 24-hour marathon.

Players settled in and got cozy in front of their screens…

Even as night fell, enthusiasm never waned!

But still, pizza delivery always helps.

Heading east, the folks in the Austin, Texas operations center created a party-like atmosphere. Note the presence of pizza there as well. We’re sensing a theme.

Continuing east, let’s check in on the ModSquad contingent in Clarksville, Tennessee. Local Mods were rooted not only by family and friends, but by our four-legged buddies as well!

Even many times zones across the Atlantic, our Derry operations center got into the swing of things and blasted away some baddies, all in the name of charity.

Those following along on Twitch saw many other games throughout the event, with players switching things up every hour. If you tuned in, you’d see our fearless players taking on all challengers, at all hours.

Were you following the action? Here’s one happy participant playing on the team and fundraising on her own. Thanks for your support, Mary!

In the end, this year’s participants and supporters came together and showed how people can channel their passion into an even greater cause. If you missed your chance, it’s not too late to contribute to this most worthy cause. We’re happy that so many members of the ModSquad community came out to play games, eat pizza, and cheer others on to make a difference. For that, we’re most grateful — and we can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Now, time to sleep.

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