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2015-GBA-GoldA few months back, we revealed that ModSquad had been selected as a finalist for Customer Service Team of the Year in the Golden Bridge Awards. We’re delighted to report that the Mods were named the Gold Winner at the recent Golden Bridge Awards ceremony in San Francisco.

Attendees at the awards presentation have referred to it as the Oscars of the business world. (Fun fact: The Golden Bridge trophies are made by the same company that produces the Oscar statuettes.) We caught up with the named recipient of the Gold award, Jason Ferguson, our director of client services, after the ceremony. He talked about the winning team and the support work they’ve done for WildWorks’ National Geographic Animal Jam, a virtual-world multiplayer online experience geared toward children.

“The people on that team are fantastic,” enthuses Jason. “Kelly Clendenning, the project manager, is really great. She was our PM of the Quarter a few months back, and she’s been with ModSquad for years. She’s super-dedicated to our clients and always goes above and beyond. Kelly has built up a team of managers, folks who’ve moved up and been promoted while working on the WildWorks project. They’re super-hard workers who are passionate about the product.”

That product is an increasingly popular online destination for fun-loving, adventurous children across the world. And with ModSquad’s experienced, COPPA-compliant Mods at the ready, those young visitors are assured a safe and welcoming environment, no matter how big the game gets.

“Animal Jam is a large project, and we’ve grown right alongside them,” continues Jason. “WildWorks always has a lot of great things to say about the team. They know how passionate we are about the game, and how the Mods know the ins and outs of Animal Jam. It’s like we’re an extension of WildWorks’ team.

“WildWorks knows our people, and they know our work. They’ll give us feedback telling us that a certain Mod offers the best CS responses they’ve ever seen, or that another Mod has been doing superlative work and they want to see that Mod remain on the team for as long as possible.”

What else sets the Mods apart, and makes this team award-worthy? Jason points to the dedication of the management team: “It’s very impressive how much time they spend making sure that every Mod enjoys their job and is doing the best possible work.”

Jason looks forward to more jamming with Animal Jam. “We just have a really great working relationship with them. Our Mods love the product, do fantastic work, and it shows. And we get the same appreciation coming back to us from the client. That kind of relationship? You can’t replace that.”

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