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Mods at Play: What We Do in Our Leisure Time

When prospective clients ask us about ModSquad’s services, we have been known to say, “Our Mods do it all!” Of course, we’re talking in that case about our range of digital engagement services, but it also extends to our personal lives. If you’ve read any of our previous blogs covering our hobbies, volunteer work, and favorite vacation spots, you know we keep busy when we’re not hard at work.

Here are just a few of the hobbies some more of our talented, diverse Mods enjoy.

I love working with miniatures; 1/12 scale is my favorite. I have been working with miniatures since stumbling across it over two years ago. I used to think dollhouses were only for children, but that’s just a misconception. Being able to build your own scale house and add the decorations in any way you like is an amazing feeling.” — Jessica Dyer

My hobby is gaming in any form. I am an avid player of MMOs, MOBAs, and roleplaying games, depending on the day. I currently spend a lot of time on JRPGs, and I have been part of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that we run within Second Life every Sunday.” — Michael McDaniel

I love making jewelry. In particular, I have learned how to sew beaded earrings. I discovered the method at a craft show from a vendor who was sewing beaded sleeves for pens. I took the idea home and started working on my first patterns to create jewelry. It takes a LOT of time and patience, as the beads are about the size of 1/4 of a grain of rice. But the outcome is just gorgeous!” — Jessica Wilkin

My hobby is running. I have been doing it seriously for about seven years now, though I picked it up purely by accident. I live in Canada and travel down to Florida for March break. I decided to do some running along the beach and found I enjoyed it. When I got back, a friend saw I had been running, and invited me to do a half marathon. I did it, and found it to be really relaxing.

“For me, running is very zen. After the first 1-2 kilometers, my thoughts go quiet, and all that’s left are my feet and the pavement.” — Marcel Beaudoin

My hobbies are reading and video games. I have been reading ever since I first learned to read, and I have been playing video games since around age 10.” — Cat Schenk

I create travel content for my blog, including photos and videos. I started doing this in 2015 when I went to San Francisco for an internship, and I have since been to many places in Asia and Europe. It’s a way to make tangible memories that aren’t just photos on a hard drive. Joining ModSquad has allowed me to pursue my passions and discover new places.” — Antoine Aarens

My hobby is Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve played it for 39 years, and everything good in my life, from making lifelong friends to all the great times, has involved this game.” — Michael Raper

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