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Mods Around the World: Meet Anderson Raderalazasoa

ModSquad is happy to reveal that we’re kicking off a summer spotlight series here on the blog. Join us as we travel around the world each month to meet Mods from all corners of the globe.

In this first installment, we journey to Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, situated off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Most of the country’s 24 million inhabitants speak Malagasy, with French spoken by a good number of residents. They share the land with a menagerie of interesting critters: A full 90% of all animals found on Madagascar are unique to the island, and among its most famous residents are the 100 species and sub-species of lemurs.

Here in Madagascar, we’re talking with Anderson Raderalazasoa, a 31-year-old married father of two sons. “I love being a father,” he says, “as my kids were amazing gifts. They fill my life with such happiness. I love also being a husband, as my wife and I are soul mates, if I may say. We share the same values and have a huge passion for cooking which is our shared hobby.”

Anderson works as a bilingual moderator for ModSquad. Fluent in French and English, Anderson brings five years of content moderation experience to the table, as well as an unabashed love of video games, which is perfect for his current assignments. He spoke with us recently to tell us about his background and his homeland.

Please tell us about Madagascar. What is it like?

Madagascar is an outstanding, beautiful country due to its tropical climate and landscape, with lots of palm trees and blue lagoons on the coast and many rain forests in the mainland. Where I live, in the capital city of Antananarivo, it’s warm and very nice to live in all year long. Although Madagascar seems like paradise, sadly the country is struggling. But we enjoy life as much as we can. Madagascar is home to one of the most welcoming people in the world. It’s part of our culture. We depend a lot on each other; family is a huge value for us. In a Malagasy family, the links are very strong. Even as family members get older and married, we always find time to celebrate together.

When you’re not spending time with your family, what are your other personal interests?

I grew up with American music and culture, as my Dad worked for an American firm. So I met Americans living in Madagascar. As I grew up, American culture stuck with me. Music is one of my favorite hobbies. I play guitar and do some beat making with FL Studio when the time allows. I really enjoy video games (especially PC gaming), and I play in my spare time. I also enjoy the video games that I work on through ModSquad. These are the perfect projects for me because they are part of my universe.

What brought you to ModSquad?

I graduated from a business school as a Bachelor in Business Administration in 2011. I started a small business on my own and also supplemented by income as a freelance contractor moderator for French companies. In 2014, I decided to focus more on freelance jobs. Two years later, when my wife and I were about to have our second child, the necessity of finding another source of income was imminent, so I applied for a moderation position with ModSquad. The response was a warm positive. ModSquad is a dream job for me.

What sets ModSquad apart, in your opinion?

People — ModSquad has the most incredible staff I’ve ever worked with, talented and very helpful. Policy — ModSquad cares about people. This is essential for me, as I care deeply for others. Professionalism — Everyone at ModSquad (project managers, account managers, and colleagues) is cool, but the level of professionalism is outstanding. This fits me, since I like to deliver as perfect a performance as I can.

In the strongest terms, ModSquad has made a difference in our lives, and I cannot say thank you enough for that.

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Talk Back

Posted on May 25, 2017

Wow, learn something new every day! Didn’t know Malagasy was a language… LOL. Congratulations Anderson! Nice to “meet” you… and when is dinner? That table spread looks amazing! 🙂

Marco Scardella
Posted on May 22, 2017

Congrats Anderson 🙂

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