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The Fun and Creative Hobbies of ModSquad

We asked the folks here at ModSquad what they’re up to when they’re not moderating and engaging online communities for the world’s coolest brands. It turns out that our interests are as diverse as we are. From blacksmithing to novel-writing, crocheting to cocktail-making, the people of ModSquad do it all! Over the past few years we’ve profiled some of the fascinating pastimes enjoyed by our colleagues. Now it’s time to take another look at the many talents of our extraordinary crew. If you’re looking for new hobbies to get your creative juices flowing, look no further.


I enjoy writing in my spare time. For me, it’s a way to escape into a world where I can be and do what I want, in the hope that some readers will join my adventure for a little escape of their own. I have two books and a collection of short stories available on Amazon (in French). My third novel is finished, and I’m searching for a publisher.
— Charlotte B.


My grandmother taught me how to knit and crochet when I was seven, and I’ve never stopped. Knitting and crocheting are amazing exercises for the brain, because they involve a lot of observation and coordination. There are studies that say that while you knit or crochet you can think more deeply about your concerns and find better solutions for them. I totally recommend it! The best way to start is to find other people near you to learn with; that makes it more fun!
— Mariana A.

Fluid Art 

I had been watching abstract art videos for a while but couldn’t get it to work for me. Eventually I started to watch fluid art (aka paint pouring) and had a particular love for the use of resin. It creates a perfectly smooth surface that is just stunning. I love that resin pours are more technique-based than talent-based. So even if you’re not the strongest artist, if you have an eye for color and a willingness to learn, you can make something wonderful.
— Rochelle H.


I’m a self-taught bartender. I love to experiment with really fancy cocktails using teas, herbs, and whatever you can imagine. I love to combine lovely fruits and whatnot. I always have to take my “tools” when I go to a party or family reunion.
— Romina P.

Backyard Blacksmithing

I started learning about blacksmithing last year as a productive way to relieve stress and honor the memory of my father. Around October, I took a class, built a mini smithy in my backyard over the winter, built my own propane forge in January, and have been hammering away ever since!
— Raymond C.

Rock Climbing

One of my colleagues here at ModSquad introduced rock climbing and it’s since become my one of my favorite things to do. I used to be irrationally scared of heights, so it was a way to get over that. My advice to anyone looking to get involved: go for it, you never know what it’s like until you try it!
— Shane B.


Releasing something creative into the world is always fun, but it’s even better if it tastes good too! I saw some impressive cakes online and I became obsessed with learning how to do it. I ended up learning a lot more than just cakes and even joined some baking courses. I already studied art in college and I enjoyed editing videos so I started a YouTube baking channel, Watch Me Do Stuff. For those who are interested, try to look for inspiration online, it’s everywhere — Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr… Also, if you’re looking into meeting people with similar interests, baking courses can be pretty fun!
— Debora F.

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Posted on August 11, 2019

Rock climbing is definitely fun. I started off in the country of Georgia–which is rock climbing heaven–and now I continue to do so in-doors with my daughter! It’s only thanks to ModSquad that I was able to live in the country of Georgia for an extended period of time and got to pick up a new hobby

Posted on August 9, 2019

A bunch of us have decided we need to go to Romina’s house. 😂

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