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Case Study: Roll20 and ModSquad — The Adventure of Player Support


Roll20 is a perfect solution for those who want to take part in roleplaying games (RPGs) with people in other areas. It’s a virtual tabletop for games like Dungeons and Dragons with a player base encompassing countries all across the globe. With players using Roll20’s online system at literally all hours of the day, every day of the week, Roll20 struggled to provide real-time support for customers. Even with weekend workers, there was a gap in support that needed to be filled.

ModSquad’s custom coverage was the perfect solution, made even more evident once COVID-19 hit. Quarantined players turned to Roll20’s platform in droves. Faced with a 500% increase in support tickets, ModSquad scaled up to help with ease.

In this new case study, find out how ModSquad:

  • Cleared the suddenly bustling support queue by deploying a new, larger team of Mods with both gaming and specific help-desk experience
  • Consistently exceeds target ticket volume, sometimes by triple the target volume
  • Pulled together a strong group of Mods who are gamers at heart, knowledgeable about the pastime and able to connect on a genuine level with the company’s players.

Soraya Een Hajji, Roll20’s Director of Communications, expands on the importance of that last point. “One of the things that ModSquad brings to the table is the connection with individuals. That personal element really helps, especially in a business that’s about people coming together and having fun. Interacting with people who have a personality is something that’s a really important element of our customer interactions. The Mods understand that Roll20 has different conversational needs than a more corporate client, and they adapt extremely well to that.”

For a closer look at ModSquad and Roll20’s collaborative partnership, don’t miss this new case study.

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