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Case Study: ModSquad’s High-Flying Customer Support Boosts Flybrix’s Sales and Revenue

Overwhelming customer demand is one of those double-edged situations. While you might be grateful for the success of your service or product, you’re also in a precarious situation. If you don’t live up to customer expectations, your reputation and sales might take a hit.

Such was the dilemma in which the founders of Flybrix found themselves. The hardware firm launched with a focus on combining consumer-oriented drones and computer vision technology. During the development of their product, they tried assembling a drone using popular interlocking plastic bricks. It was their hallelujah moment. Soon, the company was offering this product to the world, to a resounding response.

From the start, it was clear Flybrix had a winner on its hand. The company was inundated with customer inquiries and orders, and sold out of its inventory in 15 minutes. The Flybrix group quickly found themselves struggling to keep up, with the amount of back orders necessitating them to scale up by a factor of 10 in the four weeks before the intense holiday shopping period. While they were confident they could ship their orders in time for the gift-giving season, they knew they needed help with customer support.

That’s when Flybrix turned to ModSquad. With the help of the Mods, Flybrix saw ticket response time reduced by 75% during that period of 10x scaling. In just 10 days, ModSquad processed thousands of backlogged tickets and ultimately generated and processed 35% of the company’s revenue increase for 2017. For the behind-the-scenes look at how it all came together, read this new case study from ModSquad.

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