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Case Study: ModSquad Customer Support — The Ultimate Insurance Policy

For years, this insurance software company’s 24/7 service was outsourced to a traditional call center. They were generally satisfied with the service they received, but recognized the need to upgrade because the call center could not meet demand at critical times. After an exhaustive search for a new partner, they upgraded to ModSquad. Today, 66% more calls are supported while maintaining a 93.5% average satisfaction rate. With its proprietary software and prominent industry standing, the company prefers to remain private. Yet they’re still eager to share their story.

In a new case study, find out how the company is reaping the rewards of ModSquad’s modern approach, combining custom staffing, seasoned professionals, rapid scaling, the latest technology, and a distributed workforce.

The company’s Director, Support underscores the importance of ModSquad’s remote model. “Having Mods work from home is a real bonus for our organization. If we had a widespread, Coronavirus-type outbreak with our former vendor, their call center would be at risk and we could have been in real trouble. With ModSquad, the team is ready to handle any event.”

The ModSquad team similarly impresses the company’s Senior Vice President of Customer Support: “I look at ModSquad as an extension of our company. As far as our customers are concerned, it is us providing the support. I’m very happy with the service and the representation that ModSquad has given us, and I’m confident about what the future brings.”

For a closer look at how ModSquad enhanced the service offerings for this industry leader, don’t miss this new case study.

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