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A Festival of Delights: The 2021 ModSquad Holiday Spectacular

We always take time in December to recognize the great folks we have here at ModSquad. With 2021 being quite the year, we’ve cooked up 23 days of delights in our ModSquad Holiday Spectacular. These are people across the company who make our jobs so sweet. Each honoree is featured (alongside classic holiday treats) to let them know how much they mean to us. So dig in, but here’s a friendly warning first — don’t read this on an empty stomach!

2021 ModSquad Holiday Spectacular

Bestofus Festivus

Capping off our ModSquad Holiday Spectacular is the announcement of this year’s Bestofus Festivus. Every year ModSquad honors one person who most embodies the ModSquad spirit. This year, we’re delighted to showcase Stephen Dunne! Don’t miss our special profile article in the Mod Blog and discover what it is about Stephen that makes him such an obvious choice for this award.

Join us in congratulating everyone featured by leaving a message in the comments section below. Want to work with cool people like this? Visit our careers page and learn more about how to Join the Mods.

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Posted on December 28, 2021

Congratulations, guys! Happy holidays! 💫🙌

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