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Intelligent Support and Moderation Starts Here

Increase CSAT and ensure trust and safety as quickly and cost-effectively as possible using the industry’s best tools optimized and maintained by top CX experts (us!).

Intelligent Support and Moderation Starts Here
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Get results, not FOMAI

(Fear of missing AI)

With the right tools and proper implementation, the latest technology has the power to transform the way we help customers and protect our brands.

Picking the right technology depends on variables that include startup costs, technical integration, platform compatibility, training, and governance.

We’ll help you navigate the technical landscape, avoid the hype and vaporware, and deliver solutions that meet your goals and fit your budget.

  • Moderating content of all types
  • Enhancing communication with translation and personalization
  • Improving agent speed with guidance
  • Covering a significant percentage of tier 1 support
  • Ensuring quality interactions with 100% QA coverage
  • Optimizing workflows and scheduling
  • Creating support content for KBs and FAQs
  • Summarizing interactions and annotating data
  • Delivering analysis and insights

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