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We haven't just been around the CX block ... we built it.

We started in 2007.

We were founded by a Silicon Valley lawyer who liked moderating message boards in her spare time for fun. (The WB's Superstar USA, anyone?)

She saw the potential of communities, of remote work, and of that thing called social media that was starting to catch fire.

Long story short: We’ve been kicking butt in content moderation, community management, and social media since they began. We're literally pioneers. No one does these better than we do.

We fixed customer support. Sorry/not sorry, call centers – you had your chance.

We were into the metaverse before Zuck. Our original name was Metaverse Mod Squad (and still is in the UK). So if you want to know what's up with virtual worlds, or need a tour guide, ping us. We’re already here – rez’d and ready to go.

We did it all remotely. We're the original remote CX company. We built a network of Mods all over the globe. Why? Because great CX doesn't come from a cubicle. #modsnotcubes.

And we made remote work secure. We created our industry-leading Secure CX Platform powered by our Cubeless, our patent-pending secure workspace.

Our passion is supporting Extra Life.

And if you visit us in Brooklyn, we’ll be eating pizza at Juliana’s, not Grimaldi's.

P.S. It's still fun!

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Call In the Mods!

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