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From the Virtual World to Reality, Demand for Mods’ Flexible and Remarkable Customer Engagements Driving Company Success

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., August 30, 2017 – ModSquad, the on-demand digital engagement services company, marks its 10th year in business this month in its typical fashion: celebrating the people and amazing technology that define today’s connected and engaged world.

What started as a community of lawyers, game developers, and marketers with side gigs as moderators on Linden Lab’s popular Second Life platform has evolved into an international company trusted by the largest consumer brands, entertainment, technology, and government entities to forge authentic and trusted relationships with their respective audiences. Moderation and community management remain core services while related “engagement” solutions including technical support, customer service, sales and social strategy round out the value the company brings to organizations of all industries and sizes around the globe.

“I am incredibly grateful for the chance to work with the talented people who are part of the Mod Movement and for our customers and partners who are some of the most forward-thinking ‘customer-first’ brands out there,” said Amy Pritchard, founder and CEO of ModSquad.

Added Pritchard, “A lot has happened in the ten years since we started our company. It started with ‘Avatar Staffing for Virtual Worlds’ and evolved into a Mod network in the tens of thousands that work across the globe and around the clock for the coolest brands ever. It has been personally meaningful knowing that my desire to stay at home and raise my child and the resulting ModSquad solution has made such an impact on shaping the ways people communicate, play, learn and work using digital platforms. New products and platforms introduced almost daily means never a dull moment for us — the Mods are constantly helping clients utilize the latest technology along with best practices to ensure safe and amazing experiences consumers and audiences love.”

Architects of “Mod”ern Customer Engagement
In 2007, when ModSquad was started, Second Life and Facebook were at a nascent stage but garnering attention for explosive adoption and new ways to discover, foster and sustain relationships regardless of physical distance. As a diverse and global crowd with different points of view jumped online, the need for community management and new thinking about digital customer service was needed. Many companies defaulted to traditional sales and support tactics or, in some cases, policing, that were not effective with an audience that expected immediate response, personalized and knowledgeable engagement plus were skeptical of any voice of authority. ModSquad took a fresh look at the digital frontier applying a camp counselor approach: recruiting existing members to step up and provide leadership, engagement and safe virtual environments. Today, the belief that people with an affinity and experience with the subject, product or brand create positive digital engagement as a community manager, customer support or social media manager remains a guiding principle for the company.

Value of ModSquad to Clients and Mods
“ModSquad is the best investment one can make for forum moderation, research and support services. I’ve worked with ModSquad on a half dozen projects across two companies and have always loved the terms, the flexibility, the people and the fact that I never have to wonder if things will be done right – they always are. On this ten year anniversary, I salute all the excellent Mods, QA folks, managers, project leads and sales team, for making ModSquad simply the best in the industry. There is no better value for the dollar, and there is no better feeling than working with people who are human, humane and responsive at all hours.” Linda Carlson, Director of Community Relations at Trion Worlds

“Besides their competency to engage with our target audiences on numerous social media channels and e-mail in their native language with a localized and genuine voice, they are approachable, proactive and a great partner to us. Congrats to the Mods on successful 10-years and look forward to seeing where they go in the next 10!” – Brian Harte, Head of Customer Engagement & E-Marketing at Tourism Ireland

“Second Life celebrated its 14th anniversary this year, and every day the virtual world is filled by the boundless creativity of its Residents. We’re proud that Second Life has been a launchpad for successful businesses like ModSquad, and it’s fantastic that a business that began in the Second Life community has achieved this great milestone.” – Bjorn Laurin, VP of Product, Linden Lab

“ModSquad is the exception that proves the rule. In terms of the quality of engagement and technical competency, they raise the bar. They have been a great partner for Zendesk and our clients, as well as a trusted vendor.” – Ben Collet, Director of Global Advocacy, Enterprise & Strategic Accounts at Zendesk

“I will always be thankful for my work opportunity with ModSquad which offers the chance for me to have a home business and the flexibility to return to school full time to finish my degree. I did not have to choose between my educational goals, or providing for myself and my family. That is something very remarkable in today’s job market!” – Aunya Scroggs, Mod from North Carolina, USA

“ModSquad offers me something that I had always dreamt of: freedom and flexibility of working from anywhere in the world. The very idea that you can set your own schedule is priceless, and since I really like traveling and discovering the world, nothing would fit me better.” – Alex Graur, Mod from Moldova

From One to Ten:

Clients: Top brands in entertainment, software, mobile technology, gaming, and media/communications as well as profit and nonprofit organizations call on ModSquad. Since last year the company has increased business engagements with customers by 18% and added 65 new accounts to its portfolio. Check out our client portfolio here:

The Squad: There are more than 900 employee and active Mods worldwide today. In 2016, more than 12,000 applicants joined the company’s Mod network. These numbers prove that ModSquad presents a very attractive opportunity to today’s global workforce, which seeks flexibility, independence, and access to meaningful work. The company has a rigorous screening process to ensure its projects deploy the top Mods in the industry, onboarding only 1-3% of its network Mods to active projects each year.

Worldwide business: With an existing network of talented Mods worldwide, the company opened a European Operations headquarters in Londonderry, Northern Ireland in June 2015 to further grow and support its clients and Mod Squad. Today, ModSquad offices are in seven major markets with Austin, Texas home to the newest operations center.

Brand evolution: In 2015, the company changed from Metaverse Mod Squad to ModSquad. It also unveiled a new website and online resources to help clients and the Mod community gain valuable information about trends and tools for customer engagement.

Industry Recognition: ModSquad won a Silver Stevie for “Company of the Year” in Internet/New Media by the American Business Awards; was a 2015 finalist for the Golden Bridge Award for customer service team of the year; and, most recently, was recognized as a U.S.-Ireland top 50 company for being a high-performance global business.

For a look at ModSquad’s journey from concept to most recently setting up shop in Austin, Texas, check out the infographic located on

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