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Mod Opportunity FAQ

And Answers.

Who are the Mods?

The Mods are a talented network of independent professionals who bring skills, finesse and experience to help companies and organizations engage their audiences across all digital channels, like forums, helpdesks, games, virtual worlds, email, VoIP, live chat and social media. From content moderation to customer support and community management to social media services, the Mods do it all, and more.

Do you have an awesome video describing what you guys do?

Yes! It’s on the first page of our website and here.

What is the opportunity for me?

ModSquad offers a freelance business opportunity. As a Mod, you’ll perform all your digital engagement services as an independent contractor. You have the freedom to choose the projects and the schedule that works best for you.

What if being a freelancer isn’t my bag. Can I apply for a job with ModSquad?

Of course, we do have employment opportunities for other work and you can check them out on our Careers page. It is a much different process and business relationship, so be sure to apply from our Careers page and not our Join the Mods page.

How do I get started becoming a Mod?

It’s easy. If you haven’t already, click on Join the Mods on our home page and complete the network application form. Once you submit that form, you’ll receive an email acknowledging receipt, usually within 72 hours.  We may have a project that’s an immediate fit, but more likely, it will take some time for us to match you up with a project – and sometimes we never find a match.  Rest assured our managers are constantly reviewing our Mod network when there’s available work on their projects.

What do I need to join the network?

You’ll need an updated resume/CV, and, certainly, passion and enthusiasm for digital engagement. Want to know more about us before you apply? Check out our services, view samples of our work, subscribe to our blog and chat with us on social.

What is required from a technical or business setup to be a Mod?

For starters, you’ll need a computer, secure internet access and a workspace that is private, secure and noiseless. Then each project has specific requirements for skills and equipment. There are no surprises; we share project-specific requirements in advance of Mods’ choosing the project.

How do you determine if there is a fit or not in the Mod network?

It comes down to current client opportunities that fit with your skills, experience and passions. We’re always bringing on new clients and our work is constantly changing. There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter Mod.

Can Mods work for other companies?

Of course! As a Mod, you operate your own business and ModSquad is not a jealous client. You can offer your services to as many other clients as you like, and we encourage you to do so.

If you don’t have work for me now, can I still apply later?

Definitely. Better yet, we keep your information on file in the network, and as new projects come up, we will reach out to you to see if you are interested. Also, we are constantly providing updates and new information. We encourage folks to keep up on the latest by subscribing to our blog, joining us on social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)

Are all Mods independent contractors?

Yes. From the beginning in 2007, we designed our work-at-home, independent contractor model after the early pioneers in our industry. We know flexibility and access is a win-win for Mods and our clients, and we believe it truly represents the future of work.

Where do Mods work?

As a Mod, pardon the expression, you’ll work where you’re at. You can work from home or a designated office space that you own or lease. In fact, as a contractor, you can work from any location that is private, secure and noiseless, and meets the special requirements for any particular opportunity you select. ModSquad does not provide any equipment or office space for Mods. Fun fact: Since its inception, ModSquad has been a distributed-by-design company, and most of our executives and employees work remotely. As a result, the company’s approach to communications and collaboration is and always has been with a flexible location mindset. #ModsNotCubes.

Doesn’t ModSquad have physical offices? Who works there?

Yes, we have brick and mortar locations in the U.S., Europe and Latin America, plus a partner operation in the Philippines. Some locations are solely for business operations, like marketing and sales functions. Others are operation centers for particular clients that have additional onsite, security, or other requirements.

Who sets my schedule as a Mod?

You set your schedule. Our automated system typically releases each project’s client schedules in advance on a monthly basis, and you’ll be given the chance to select what works for you.

How much can I make as a Mod?

It generally depends on the market’s demand for your experience and skills, how much you’re able to work, and how well you perform. As you can imagine, Mods with hard-to-find native language abilities or mad tech skills can demand higher hourly rates. Your revenue is completely dependent on your schedule, performance and the type of projects on which you choose to work. The payment structure varies from client to client due to length of project, skillset desired and services needed.

Once I join the network, how long will it take to start work?

We try our best to get new Mods working ASAP, but it’s not always possible. It all depends on a few factors:

  • Matching on an active project that’s right for you.
  • The time it takes for you to complete a contractor agreement and pass a background check.
  • Any client preparation or orientations necessary to get you and the project up and running.

If I have been a Mod in the past, do I have to go through the same application and activation process, in the future?

It depends on how long ago it was since you were an active Mod. We are constantly reaching out to the Mods who have been inactive to gauge their current interest in contracting, especially when suitable opportunities arise. For those who “opt-out” or are non-responsive, we’ll de-activate them from the active network and they’ll need to re-join us when they’re ready.

Besides the opportunity for work and pay, what other benefits do I get from being a Mod?

As a Mod, you’ll work with terrific companies on exciting projects and with fun people. You’ll get really great experience doing what you love, all on your own terms. While some Mods are happy running their own business forever, others see us as a career path in something else, like digital marketing, e-commerce or the video game industry. That’s OK! So many of our alumni have moved on to bigger and better things, and we’re always proud of their success when they do. If you want to know why people love being Mods and read up on some Mod success stories, check out the latest posts on social and read our Mod profile stories on our blog.

How can I get an answer to a question that wasn’t asked here?

Please send us an email! Our People Operations team will do its best to get you an answer. You can reach them at [email protected].