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Burn the Candle at Both Ends with our Seasonal Customer Support

The holiday season is an opportunity for huge revenue growth. Yet along with the sales uptick comes a big increase in various support requests, from customer service calls and e-mails to customer complaints, comments, and requests on social media. Want to respond to and engage your audience without having to hire and train seasonal staff? You can — and it only takes one call.

This snappy download — suitable for framing — reveals how some of today’s most successful online merchants made the most of the holiday rush. Download this PDF and discover: why Diamond Candles never worries about customer-support scaling; how Jibjab expertly covered a nearly 1000% increase in tickets; why Picaboo gave up hiring and training — and never looked back; which e-merchants reaped the benefits of up to 300% more interactions; and how to find coverage for holidays and weekends without paying more.

(Spoiler alert: In each case, the Mods might have had something to do with it.)

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"Even during high seasonal spikes, the Mods were able to maintain a quality increase in customer experience."

— Justin Winter, CEO of Diamond Candles


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Finding someone who speaks your customer’s language (literally and figuratively) is easier than ever.

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Customer Story


ModSquad handled a 400% increase in CS and engagement needs during Picaboo’s holiday peak.

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