We Put the Custom in Customer Support

Stop settling for traditional outsourcing and upgrade to ModSquad's modern CX platform.

Call in the Mods!

Get the CX Results You Want,
the Value and Control You Need

Save money, improve quality, and increase agility.

Reduce Your Cost per Ticket

Faster resolution times, higher utilization. Our customized CS platform always ensures you’re operating at peak efficiency and saving money.

Increase CSAT

Make your customers happy with the highest quality engagement in the industry. Watch loyalty and referrals improve your bottom line.

Enjoy Unparalleled Flexibility

Our platform puts you in the driver's seat. Scale up and down to match demand. Expand internationally. Target and exceed specific KPIs.

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We’ve modernized CX for the world’s best brands.

Yeah, we do it all

From startups to enterprise CS, ModSquad has you covered

Our comprehensive services get results and add value for any project size.

Speak Your Customers’ Language

Expand internationally or hyper-target localized dialects and regions with a team of Mods with the exact language skills you need exactly where you need them. We're in over 50 countries and speak over 90 languages.

Meet Your Customer on Any Channel or Platform

We provide omnichannel support anywhere your customers are looking for help. Phone, email, text, live chat, and social. We work in apps, games, and the Metaverse or virtual worlds.

Handle Short-Term Spikes

Ramp up for the holiday rush, a product launch, or just burn down a recalcitrant backlog.

Engage Your Community, Protect Your Brand

Customer care doesn’t stop with the support queue. Create a vibrant community and ensure trust and safety with our content moderation, community management, and social media services. We’re your one-stop CX shop.

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Our customers kind of dig us.

How we do it

Customer Support as a Customized Platform

To get the most from customer support, you need a solution customized to your specific goals and needs. Prepackaged, inflexible services from call centers won’t cut it.

The Right Team

Get quality interactions from the best team for your business. We put together the top 1% of experts and make sure they already know your industry and your brand.

The Right Tools

Deliver the most efficient and secure CS with the best workflows and software in the business. Supercharge your current system by plugging it into our platform.

The Right Time

Never be shorthanded or overstaffed. Our hourly model precisely targets your support load so you’re always operating at peak efficiency (saving money) today, and tomorrow.


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