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What We’re Thankful For This Year

As the year enters the home stretch, it’s time for those of us in the United States to pause, as we do each November, to give thanks for all of the good in our lives. 2020 has been a challenging year, to be sure. But we’re choosing to reflect on those things for which we feel gratitude. Our families. Our friends. And, for those of us at ModSquad, the opportunity to work in the virtual world. In that spirit, we wanted to share a few more reasons we’re so very thankful.

“2020 has been hard, but still, there are so many things for which I’m grateful, like health, employment, family, and a God who loves me. But forever topping any gratitude list will always be my grandchildren, and this year there are 13! Life goes on, and it’s often noisy!”
— Susan S. (below, with grandchildren)

“I’m thankful to have joined ModSquad this year. This change came at a great time and offers me the opportunity to apply my skills and passion in the most fulfilling ways. I’m grateful to the ModSquad community for embracing me and making this transition smooth and fun!”
— Jeff M.

“With the challenges of this year, I’m thankful for the time to become more grounded in my home and to have found a place like ModSquad, where working at home is not the exception, but the model for teams that thrive.”
— Robert B.

“This year, I’m especially grateful to have my career. Being a part of ModSquad not only allows me to communicate with people around the world on a daily basis, but enables me to do fulfilling work like supporting clients and having the opportunity to make an impact in their communities through digital and social strategies. I also am thankful to have the flexibility to unplug and spend time in the mountains.”
— Brittany F. (below)

“This year everything changed, and with great change comes renewed priorities. In August, the city we lived in was hit with a Category 4 hurricane. We were thankful for community and family; their understanding and support was what truly mattered. I am also thankful for my job at ModSquad, because without the stability and flexibility this position has offered me, I’m not certain that relocation could have been possible. Overall, this year has taught me to appreciate little things like time on the couch watching TV with your kid; those can be the most precious moments.”
— Dria W.

“2020 has been a whirlwind of craziness but it has made me more thankful and appreciative of the small things in life. I am thankful…

  • For my entire family. I come from big families and get to see them often, which is amazing.
  • For my job at ModSquad. Working from home is such a blessing.
  • For my ModSquad colleagues and the support they always show me.
  • For the beautiful house that my husband and I worked so hard to build. Now that I’m a homeowner, I feel like a true adult.
  • For good health, which has never been more important than in 2020.
  • For my amazing daughter. She might be small, but she has the biggest personality.
  • For my patient husband, who puts up with me daily.

“Lastly, I’m thankful for the life that I have been given.”
— Jessica T. (below, with family)

“I am grateful for the small and simple things. This has been a life-changing year for us all, and I’m very grateful that my family and close friends have been able to stay safe and healthy, because many of them are essential workers. They have stayed dedicated and positive through it all. I’ve been able to work from home, for which I’m grateful.”
— Felecia B.

“I really love working from my home office. Being closer to my family is absolutely precious to me. The internet that connects us all makes it possible for me to easily reach my friends all over the world, support them, and spend time with them.”
— Christoph K.

“My couch coworkers.”
‐ Kimberly P. (pictured below: her coworkers)

“I’m so grateful that I work for ModSquad in a remote position and have been able to stay safe at home as much as possible!”
— Olivia L.

“In addition to the health of my family, I’m thankful for my job with ModSquad. Not only do I get the chance to work with amazing people, but I’m able to work from home. I also get to spend more time with my girls. My daughter came home from college in September, so I’m able to have a little extra time with her. And I’m glad to be able to help my high school freshman find her way through hybrid learning.”
— Megan C.

“I am thankful for every minute I can spend with my family, including my Granny, who turned 90 this year. I love her deeply, and even though I have not seen her in person for months, I can at least see and talk to her thanks to technology.”
— Gina H.

“i have so much to be thankful for, but most of all I am so grateful for my family! They are my backbone and the reason behind my smile. In 2021 we will be getting married and welcoming home a baby girl! My daughter already looks at her kitten as if she is her baby, so I know she will be the most wonderful big sister! We are all so excited to add another bundle of joy into our lives.”
— Briana C. (below, the big-sister-to-be and baby kitty)

“My family is the most important thing in the world to me, but this year has been a difficult one for myself and my loved ones. Despite these hardships, I’ve always been able to rely on those here at ModSquad to offer support, guidance, and patience. It feels like ModSquad is more than just a job. We’re a part of a community, one where everyone matters. Thanks to the support I’ve gotten, I’ve had the chance to not only watch my loved ones heal, but even grow. I’ve watched my child grow more confident in who they are, which means more to me than I can say. This fall, we’ve even added a member of our little family, a puppy named Aimes.”
— Rochelle H.

In a time when the importance of home and family are more evident than ever before, it warms our hearts to read how many people have appreciated their unexpected gift of time with loved ones. Like everyone above, we’re grateful to have so many things to give thanks for.

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