What to Say When There’s Nothing to Say: Content Creation in the Off-Season

Most businesses will experience seasonal trends. It’s only natural for a surf shop by the beach to peak in the summer, while an online toy store will flourish on the run up to Christmas. On the flip side of the busy season are the quieter periods. During these lulls, creating the perfect brand content can feel like a stretch, but not to worry! There are creative ways to keep the flow throughout the year.

So what can you say when it seems like there’s nothing to say?

Keep It Meaningful

The most important thing to remember when creating content during any time of year is to stay on brand and connect to your intended audience. It may increase your brand exposure to jump onto a trending hashtag, but you should always consider *why* it makes sense for you to take part. Digital mediums allow you to tell your story in diverse and authentic ways, meaning that during quieter periods, you have more time to invest in developing your assets.

Leverage Your Community

Engaging with the community is a great way to expand your creative limits and generate new and interesting content for your brand channels. Finding unique ways to leverage customer feedback and user generated content can keep your photos and stories fresh. Spend the time engaging with your customers: Check out the feedback you’ve received across review sites (think testimonials!) and invite videos, photos, and stories about your products in action.

Expand Your Calendar

All hail the “quirky calendar”! Thanks to internet holidays, there is reason to celebrate most days (I’m looking at you, Crossword Puzzle Day). Keeping up to date with the newest internet holidays and finding creative ways to celebrate your brand message is a wonderful way to expand your calendar. This also includes highlighting important milestones that matter to your business, such as an anniversary or a new team member’s first day. Think about the things that matter most to you and your brand, and seek out relevant connections throughout the year.

Developing and delivering relevant content is all about finding ways to connect with your community in an authentic and meaningful way. With thoughtful planning, and a bit of creativity, you can keep your content on point and on message, no matter the season.

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