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Tourism Ireland and ModSquad Explore the Future of Tourism

This month we were honored to spend time in the beautiful Irish seaside town of Malahide, County Dublin, to meet with our clients and friends at Tourism Ireland (TI) for their Digital Days conference. The annual event brings together TI’s local teams, international teams, and core strategic partners to review, discuss and plan around the digital future of the organization.

This year, the event focused on the Future of Tourism and how digital opportunities can provide more individualized services and experiences for potential visitors. Core to these discussions were the relationship between technology and human connection, and how to develop the two to work in harmony with one another.

Malahide, County Dublin, Ireland - Location for the 2018 Digital Days

ModSquad was invited to participate again this year, representing the voice of consumer engagement and the important role we play in TI’s Digital Roadmap. During the event, our ModSquad team had the opportunity to facilitate discussions around community: what community means to TI and how effective community management and engagement can support ongoing efforts for a diverse range of teams and goals. Partnership is the heart of client services, working together toward common objectives and overcoming shared challenges. We are delighted to work in this manner with TI, serving as an extension of their wider team.

For the second year in a row, we left this event feeling inspired and energized for what’s to come. The core themes that shone through the conference are those same values we share in our work together: trust, customer-centricity, and evolution.


During the conference, we were reminded that a brand should elicit trust. In this same way, we work to build trust every day with our customers and our clients. It is through open and transparent work that we can achieve great success with partners like TI.


In the field of customer support, the customer must be central to all that we do. ModSquad and TI share this value. We work hard as individual organizations, and also collaboratively, to ensure our work is rooted in customer-centricity.


As ModSquad is a digital engagement provider supporting a digital marketing organization, there are tremendous opportunities to develop ourselves, our tools, and our systems to continuously evolve with new technologies and approaches. Just as change is a constant in the digital space, it is a necessity in client services.

Tourism Ireland ModSquad Digital Days 2018

As we continue beyond the Digital Days, we move forward with a renewed shared purpose to meet the needs of our client and our customers, inspired to put news ideas into action.

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