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A Thousand Heart Emojis: Things the ModSquad Community Loves

Over the last few years, we’ve asked our Mods a simple question: What do you love? Time and again, they’ve shown just how much passion they have to share. This year is no exception, as they fill our hearts with stories about their love for their families, their interests, and the world at large. So just in time for Valentine’s Day, let’s explore what it is that our colleagues are loving now.

“I love simple nights with my family, playing board games or watching fun films. This last year has really made me cherish the simple moments with those who mean the most.”
— Leilani F.

“I love my family! We are a strange bunch, but here are some pictures [above]. My family consists of six of us: me, my amazing husband Steve, and our four pigs: Abby, Spencer, Ripley, and Penelope. Abby and Spencer are almost three years old. Ripley, named after Ellen Ripley from Alien, is two, and Penelope is one. Steve and I met at 17 while working at a restaurant at our first jobs. We’ve been inseparable ever since. He is my best friend and I would definitely not enjoy life as much without him. In August we will be married for five amazing years, and I love being his wife! We had a proper nerd wedding and even cut our cake to ‘The Imperial March.’”
— Lilly W.

“I love the quiet of waking up early. Most of the rest of the world is asleep, and I can take a few moments just for me. Whether it’s to stay in bed for another few minutes or to really relish my cup of coffee before turning on my laptop to start my day, those moments of calm and quiet are worth everything.”
— Danielle D.

“I love how in the last year we really discovered how we can connect with one another, even when we’re a world apart. It shows us how the digital world can enhance our lives in the physical world.”
— Rochelle H.

“I love being able to see my son’s big toothy grin when he’s on the ice rink playing hockey. Nothing makes me happier than watching him play the sport he loves. I love waking up to a fresh blanket of snow on the ground and knowing I’m about to go wake my kid up for a snowball fight at 6:30 a.m.”
— Halsey B.

“I love being able to see my dog and cat every day from home. They bring such joy to my everyday life, particularly when they sit in my lap during meetings or remind me that petting them is clearly the most important task I have for the day.”
— Kristina B.

“I’m loving my food blog at the moment, I post recipes and reviews on Instagram and the creative element of it is really getting me through lockdown 3.0! I’m always in the kitchen, and sharing that with the foodie community is so much fun! Feel free to check out my recipes @platesandpoppy on Instagram!”
— Gwyn L.

“I love the sunrise. There’s nothing more majestic than sitting outside in the morning with a warm cup of coffee and watching the sunrise.”
— Brian F.

“I’m proud of my daughter, Calypso. She is my hero and I’m thankful for her. Here’s a picture [above] of the two of us with my cousin, Tyler Parsons, who’s a goalie for the Calgary Flames NHL team.”
— Giles D.

“I love the scheduling flexibility ModSquad provides. I love the diversity we have here. It’s fun to learn about different cultures, languages, and ways of life. I love that work is never the same; it’s nice to have new and interesting challenges each day.”
— Samantha W.

“I love being able to work from home, with my daughter playing downstairs with her father. It makes me so happy to know she’s okay, laughing and having fun while I work. I love to listen to music while I’m working on documents. It makes me feel like dancing while I‘m typing. I love listening to a small thunderstorm. The light winds, drizzles of rain, and thunder with lightning flashes bring me a sense of calm, especially right as I fall asleep. I love living in the country. I used to live in a city, but there is something about the country that makes me happy. Living in a small town we have beautiful scenery, nice people, and deer in my yard almost every day.”
— Kristy P.

“I love exploring the forest after a good rain and finding mushrooms. I live near the coastal redwoods in California, so the biome here makes for great mushroom hunting (identification and pictures only, I don’t forage). My husband and I go hiking solo now, but we’ve tagged along on some mycology [fungi study] walks in the past. It can be exciting to spot a rare species, a large colony, or a well-hidden find. My goal is to find a fully intact fairy ring (an intact ring of mushrooms) someday!”
— Geneva H.

Reading these testimonials reminds us of the importance of the people and pastimes that bring us happiness and joy. We hope it similarly encourages you to carve out a little extra time for the things you love.

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Posted on February 11, 2021

Awe, these are great love shares! I know my dog, Daisy, totally reminds me that petting her is clearly the most important task I have for the day! (Agree with you Kristina B!).

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