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People of ModSquad — October 2020

Over the past year, ModSquad’s growth has continued unabated. New people have joined the company while others have taken on new roles in expanding departments. This installment of our People of ModSquad series focuses on Michelle Ramage, an Associate Recruiter in our PeopleOps department who invests much of her time in conversations with Mods interested in joining ModSquad.

When she’s not helping identify the top 1% of all applicants (the select few who are invited to become Mods), Michelle spends time at home with her “two incredible boys and a pretty decent husband.” She’s from Wisconsin, and proud of it — as evidenced by her status as a full-fledged Green Bay Packers fan. In fact, her Wisconsin accent is so pronounced that she’s asked several times daily whether she’s from neighboring Canada, eh?

Michelle joined ModSquad just a few months after its founding in 2007, signing on as one of the first Mods. In those early days, she worked for clients such as the NFL, The CW, and the U.S. State Department.

Her keen understanding of the company and its history helps her make a great first impression on potential Mods. Michelle also knows first-hand the benefits that ModSquad offers; back when she started as a Mod, she enjoyed the ability to do meaningful work during the time when her youngest child was in school. She recalls, “ModSquad came into my life at the perfect time.”

She went on to have a successful 10-year run as a ModSquad Project Manager. Today, Michelle loves her role as Associate Recruiter. She’s a people person who enjoys talking to new folks and learning about their experiences and abilities. She sees great value in her role, since she plays an integral part in attracting and recognizing great talent on behalf of the company.

As she looks back over her time at ModSquad, one thing stands out above everything else — the friendships she has made at the company. “Those friendships are as important as family, even though we all live in different areas of the world. We root for each other. Even though we haven’t all met in person, we always have each other’s back.”

Over the company’s history, Michelle has had a front-row seat to witness ModSquad’s growth and the many qualities that set the company apart. But the one feature that really stands out to Michelle is the company’s ability to identify Mods who not only serve as representatives of our client companies, but are already consumers or fans of the companies and brands they’re working with. Mods are not just placed on projects based on their experience and knowledge, but also because of the deep interest they have in the services they’re performing. “This isn’t just a gig for them,” she notes.

Michelle’s seen many of the people she’s recruited go on to become great Mods. What’s the key to their success? Asking questions, she says. “It’s one of the most important things they can do. When you’re new, no one expects you to know everything. The more you ask, the more you learn. You’re demonstrating that you’re interested in understanding the company and your role in it.”

Those who’ve gotten their start with Michelle certainly come away with a deep understanding of ModSquad, the Mod lifestyle, and how to make the most of a great opportunity. She ably prepares recruits for the next steps in the Mod application process and offers them insights that they can take with them for their work with ModSquad. With Michelle welcoming people into the fold, it’s no wonder that our Mod community is filled with bright, vital stars. Just like Michelle herself!

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Jade Atherton
Posted on November 13, 2020

Michelle is great! Thank you for everything you do 🙂

Posted on October 20, 2020

Michelle is the BEST! And she always makes me laugh (“a pretty decent husband” – haha). I think I can say I’m one of those friendships formed over 10 years of working together and bonding over the challenges of parents teenagers! <3 So glad she is part of the ModSquad family!

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