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People of ModSquad — July 2020

Every quarter we highlight the talents of someone at ModSquad whose work and spirit sets them apart, someone who we think warrants our readership’s attention. We’ve got just the person for you to meet this time around. Say hello to our Digital Strategist extraordinaire, Elodie Flenniau!

Elodie’s been based in Belfast for the past 11 years, but originally hails from Lille, France, which she calls “one of the most welcoming cities in the country.” That French charm has clearly made its mark on Elodie, as evidenced by her graciously winning personality. Even in her younger years, she brought smiles to people’s faces, in a most unlikely job — that of a contortionist!

Moving on to more traditional roles, Elodie worked in a call center, providing French-language phone and social support for a major tourism board. Elodie later expanded to roles in which she used social media to promote client projects. “I’m a geek when it comes to platforms and tools linked to social,” Elodie explains. “I’m very interested in the impact that social media has on social dynamics, human behavior, and mental health.”

Her social media talent is just one of many skills Elodie uses here at ModSquad, where she works in multiple languages. She also handles community manager duties for clients, helps to oversee the development of our community resources in Europe, and oversees the social media crisis response for a large corporation. Internally, Elodie contributes regularly to ModSquad’s own social media activity.

Her career has also come full-circle, as she’s working again with the same tourism board through her role at ModSquad. It’s a reunion that she cherishes: “It’s amazing to be able to promote something and feel like you help people realize their dreams of travel. It may sound silly, but for me, it’s essential to feel that I make a positive impact on others’ lives.”

One person who’s made an enormous impact on Elodie is her daughter, Meadhbh. Elodie and her husband of four years have a “wee two-year-old” who was born with Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome, a rare congenital heart defect. Elodie explains, “By six months, she had already had three open heart surgeries and a stroke, which left her paralyzed at first.” Fortunately, Meadhbh’s progress has been substantial, with the bright young lass running around as well as any other child. Elodie’s journey with her daughter has brought her great insights. “Meadhbh is my power source. She went through so much since her birth that she made me realize the value of life, and that there’s nothing that can stop you when you have the will.”

Through it all, Elodie’s was supported by members of ModSquad’s European Operations Center in Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Though she works remotely, Elodie is a familiar face in Derry, stopping in regularly for meetings. “The people in the Derry office have been amazing. Everyone came together to support our charity, the Children’s Heartbeat Trust, and helped us raise £1,400 earlier this year. The people here at ModSquad make me proud to work for this company. They’re what sets the company apart.”

For her part, Elodie hopes to radiate the same positivity that she receives from her colleagues. “I know I am doing great if I inspire others to chase their dreams, develop their skills, and reach their goals. I will always do what I can to help.”

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