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People of ModSquad — January 2021

We’re glad to have the opportunity to regularly introduce you to some of the fantastic folks working behind the scenes here at ModSquad. Our latest profile subject in our People of ModSquad series is the type of person we think of when we talk about a video gaming expert. We provide services for many of the top gaming companies in the world, because they know that ModSquad is home to experts who live and breathe video games, both on a professional level and as genuine enthusiasts. So when we have a project that calls for someone who would be perfect to handle major responsibilities for one of our larger gaming clients, someone with years of industry experience, we think of none other than Evan Teicheira.

Raised in Oregon, Evan kicked off his career in game development and community management in Seattle. An avid gamer, Evan was invited to join the QA team at ArenaNet in 2011, where he was “living the dream,” as he recalls. “I was working on one of my most anticipated titles ever, Guild Wars 2, after playing the original MMO for around seven years.” Before long Evan was leading the team’s community-testing efforts, finding ways to involve the biggest fans in the ongoing development of the game. “It was an awesome experience that combined my love for gaming and community with a franchise that I’d loved dearly for over a decade,” he says. That was just the beginning.

Evan would go on to hold other professional roles in the gaming industry, including one position where he provided community and customer support. “It was my initial introduction to the fine folks at ModSquad,” he explains. “They were helping with the early customer support efforts leading up to the game’s release.”

Soon he hit the motherlode: an invitation to represent ModSquad doing community management work for the publishing studio of a hit strategy franchise. In his current role, Evan updates players about upcoming changes to their favorite games, and he connects with players on the company’s social channels. He also helps with the release of several remastered games from the series and works closely with international teams who are leading the effort on the next installment. “I very much enjoy being a part of the development of games,” Evan says, “and I can’t wait to see it released to the world!”

Today, Evan continues to wear many hats in his work for one of ModSquad’s biggest gaming clients as a Brand Representative (“the coolest thing on the planet!”). It’s a job he wouldn’t have landed without getting to know people in his industry, which he cites as his biggest piece of advice for aspiring professionals: “Don’t be afraid to meet people, to reach out, and to make new friends. Support each other and help each other grow, since that’s how we’ll make better and better games for the world to enjoy.”

And enjoy those games he does. While Evan describes himself as “a movie buff, a lover of good foods, an outdoorsman, and a sucker for opportunities to spend time with friends and family,” his true love is gaming. And 2020 certainly provided him with plenty of time to partake in that pastime. He’s recently been “bouncing around the Jackbox franchise, betraying everyone I love in Among Us, Payday 2, or in Sea of Thieves, and continuing my adventures in Guild Wars 2.”

As noted, Evan enjoys the great outdoors, taking advantage of all the Pacific Northwest. has to offer. “It’s really a beautiful corner of the country, with tons of outdoor spaces, kind and thoughtful people, and amazing art and culture,” he says. “It’s a great hub for food and friends.”

Speaking of which, Evan has a request for his friends, including those as yet unmet. “If you want to connect or talk community management and games, hit me up. I’m always looking to expand my circles and learn more about what people are doing in the gaming space.” To leave greetings or congratulations for Evan, simply post in the comments section below.

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