Happy Friday: 3 Unique Digital Highlights

Happy Friday, Universe!

It’s been quite the busy week with Zen U and GDC (Game Developers Conference). ¬†To round out this fine Friday, we thought it would be nice to share a few cool things happening in the interwebs. ūüėČ

1. Forget Planking. Forget Harlem Shake. It’s time for some Hadouken-ing!

Ever found yourself thinking to yourself… why don’t I have magical¬†video game powers?


If so, you apparently weren’t alone! Hadouken-ing is taking off across the net. ¬†The meme is collaborative image or video based on a move in the popular 90’s video game, Street Fighter. ¬†Just like the various memes before, it’s taking off with the teen/college demographic (actually, there’s a few toddlers getting into the mix too!).

Hadouken is described as:


“Hadouken¬†(ś≥ĘŚčēśč≥,‚ÄúSurge Fist‚ÄĚ, also ‚ÄúWave Motion Fist‚ÄĚ) also has a large amount of derivatives and is often parodied in media. The move is performed by inputting quarter circle forward + punch. It is more or less a fireball attack.”

With some tricky positioning, active friends, and awesome photo-snap timing, you too can join in the craze. ¬†If meme-participation isn’t your thing, no worries, you can enjoy some of the awesomeness around the net!

2. Marriage Equality & The Social Media Avatar

urlA few weeks ago, directly after the Oscars, you may have noticed your friends change their social media avatars (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc) to a bright green, blank image.  This was primarily to support the Visual Effects teams in the entertainment business, as they are grossly underpaid and under supported (especially when the visual effects house that created the look for one of the biggest and most lauded movies in 2013 announced bankruptcy).

imgresIn the past week, this style of viral support has popped up again, but this time in the name of marriage equality. ¬†The Human Rights Campaign designed and shared a simple image for viral sharing – a red square with a pink equal sign. ¬†Within hours, the image not only¬†went viral across social platforms, but also transcended into dozens of creative versions.¬†Whether or not you’re following the U.S. Supreme Court’s hearing, its clear this is a hot issue across America, and the rapid outpouring of support for the Human Rights Campaign has been astounding.

“Facebook reported that by Tuesday, about 2.7 million people changed their profile picture at around the time the HRC began prompting supporters. That number is a 120 percent increase from the previous Tuesday.” – CBS covering the Facebook Stats.



3. And Finally, the sweetest thing found on the web ALL WEEK:


How can you NOT find this adorable?

Seriously, it’s heart melting. ¬†A few weeks ago we posted about the Grumpy Cat meme… it was time to fight back with this lil guy. ¬†The image was shared on Reddit today (roughly 6 hours ago) by Reddit member¬†ArjayC, and has garnered over 2000+ Up Votes. ¬†Not too shabby for a few hours. ¬†I’m not sure if its the slightly dazed, grumpy look on the pup’s face, or the fact it’s been swallowed by an stuffed panda costume that makes it so darn cute… ¬†Either way, it’s exactly what is needed at the end of a busy, crazy work week! ¬†Consider this your¬†John Stewart¬†“moment of zen.”

Have you seen some interesting movements in the digital world?  Share it with us in the comments below!

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, Everyone!

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