10 things I learned at the Los Angeles Virtual World Conference

10. Susie’s brother is much nicer then Susie.
9. The Wilshire Grand is not Grand.
8. In Los Angeles when the hotel website says the Convention center is 2 blocks away they really mean 1 mile.
7. Playing with a YoYo is like riding a bike <—–Stole that one from Amy
6. It was much easier for me to talk about MMS and what we do than in New York City.
5. Homeless dudes love me.
4. By the end of the second day I was losing my voice. It was either from all the talking or from yelling at Amy all night to stop snoring.
3. When working a conference you don’t sleep.
2. Egencie is great! They were great neighbors to have and even helped set up our booth!
1. MMS still rulz!

Pam Taggart

Operations Manager Metaverse Mod Squad

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