Very Pinteresting Indeed…

Whether you are new to Pinterest, or a returning user interested in switching to the “New Look,” you’ve come to the right place for insights on the updated (and popular) social sharing site!

imgresI have personally been using the pinboard-style social network since January of 2012. It was still operating under an invitation-only platform and I felt on top of the world when I received an invite from a colleague (before I even knew what it was). After testing it out, I went straight to Facebook and offered to share my ‘generosity’ to those who replied to my post asking for their invite. (Well played, Pinterest. Well played.)

Since its official launch in 2010, it is now considered one of the powerhouse social media networks with nearly 50 million users.  Recently, Pinterest has released several changes including a new overall look and feel to the site. Currently users have the option to switch now or wait until we are all forced to make the change in the future. *coughTimelinecough*

I can see clearly now (the rain is gone…♪)


The most visible change to the platform is the size of the pins themselves. What used to be a mere 600 pixels wide is now 735 pixels encouraging users and marketers to put more thought into the quality of their images.

The categories section now expands into a beautiful, detailed list of easy-to-read groups of pins to search through compared to the previous, awkward list that included “Everything” as just one of the options:


Out with the Old, in with the New

In addition to increasing the visibility of pins and category organization, they have added bright red buttons throughout the site that replaces the white buttons that now includes the number of times an image has been pinned.


Verified Analytics

My personal favorite addition to Pinterest is the analytics which is only available to users and businesses after verifying your website. These analytics tools provide colorful graphs detailing a number of information regarding total numbers and engagement for each of your pins such as:

  • Total pins and pinners coming from your site or blog
  • Total repins and repinners coming from your site
  • The total number of times your pins have appeared on Pinterest and how many times they were seen
  • Total number of clicks and site visitors
  • Most recent pins coming from your site
  • Most repined and clicked pins
  • How much repining would a pinner see if the repinner didn’t pin any pins?


After checking out all of the subtle changes added by Pinterest, I’m very pleased with their new updates and hope to see more social networks follow in their path.

What were your favorite changes?

Rebekah Good
Social Media Manager
Pinterester Extraordinaire!

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