Name Days – Celebrating Around the World

Did you know that there is a whole other type of holiday that is recognized around the world? And did you know that only people with certain names can celebrate them?

ModSquad is a global company. We have Mods around the world who collectively speak up to 50 languages and celebrate a variety of holidays.  One of those holidays, and one I celebrate every year, is my Name Day.

Name Days are special days during which people named after a saint or significant moment in history celebrate. Think of it as a bonus day to celebrate being alive, versus a plain old birthday. My name day is ‘Blagovec’ (blag-oh-ves), which is celebrated on April 7. My family is Macedonian; as such, we have extra days to celebrate, in addition to the Name Days celebrated by many Balkan countries in honor of saints. Like the holiday itself, my name has as its origin blag, which means blessed or sweet. Yes, friends. I’m a sweetie, all right!

When I first learned that other countries celebrated Name Days, I wasn’t too happy. There I was, about six years old, and learned that other people had extra days to throw parties. Of course, I got over it. The closer I looked at how other places celebrate Name Days made me proud to be a member of this special little club. In Macedonia, people are allowed to take off a day of work to celebrate Name Days.

To all of the Mods who live everywhere from Greece to France to Romania, I wish you all a Happy Name Day!

Blagica Bottigliero
VP of Digital Media

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