The 12 Days of Mods: Celebrating our Community!

Tis the season for celebration! It is with this in mind that we kicked off our inaugural 12 Days of Mods, a daily event where we celebrated one highly regarded member of our ModSquad team via our social channels. Recommendations came in from project managers, account managers, fellow mods, and the exec team, and while we enjoy our monthly Mod of the Month program, we thought the holidays might be a great opportunity to expand the focus and shine a light on many bright members of the team. We’re pleased to introduce to you, the #12DaysofMods:

Day 1 – Lennie Mora

Lennie Mora is one of the most reliable mods. She’s extremely thoughtful, dependable, and she’s always incredibly supportive of her team. Be it moderation, customer support, or social media support, Lennie is articulate, thorough, and one of the strongest (and fastest) mods we have at ModSquad. Both of her project managers Nicole Mohr and Cathy Brown-Mort rave about Lennie, and many, many others have chimed in with agreement.

On this, our first day of the TWELVE DAYS OF MODS, we couldn’t be happier to share our thanks and pride at having Lennie Mora as a celebrated member of our team

Day 2 – Cory Neely

Cory is (to put it lightly) a superb moderator. He’s passionate and fully invested about the client and project. He the “go to person” for live moderation for our client because his product knowledge is second to none. Cory is always willing to help the team whenever without question no matter what time of day. Project Managers: Kelly Ammann (@greycoatonawitch), Rob Simpson, Katie Carson, and his teams agree, Cory is a fantastic team member and a joy to work with.

Day 3 – Wanika Doelder

Rich Weil says it perfectly: “Wanika Doelder is the personification of dependability and intelligence.” And as Mike Poe (project manager) says, “Wanika is a Project Managers dream.” She’s a mod who is always looking out for the project’s best interest. Her attention to detail, and her continued effort to go above and beyond in her work make her a top notch asset. From her clients, to project managers old and new, Wanika is yet another example of a treasured mod and unsung hero. We’re so honored to share with you Wanika Doelder, a fantastic member of our ModSquad team.

Day 4 – Kelli Tylenda

Kelli is a key member of one of our largest clients at ModSquad. And not only does Kelli apply the highest level of quality, her attitude is beyond amazing. She is constantly ready to do anything and everything that is asked of her, and beyond. The client LOVES her and she is a key player in ensuring that the issues and concerns of the community reach resolve. As Chris Nichols, one of her managers shared, “In an environment that’s defined by the frequency of changes, Kelli’s performance and reliability have been two of the most consistent things that exist on this project.” Her Project Manager Kelly Clendenning raves about her, and ModSquad is better for her presence. Thank you for your hard work, and helping to keep the digital world safe and happy!

Day 5 – Oxana Varlamkina

Oxana has been an internal part of our team in both English and Russian support on multiple projects. Working quickly and diligently, Oxana is quite the advocate for the customer, and the client! From mobile to ecommerce projects, she asks the right questions, ensures all information is correct and up-to-date, and crafts eloquent emails to the customer. Her project managers, Tera Tilden and Charlotte Benoit, (as well as her clients) always feel confident when Oxana is on shift, and are so glad she’s a part of the team.

Day 6 – Melanie Richard

As Teri Moore shared, “Marvelous Melanie, that’s what I call her! She’s smart, dependable, and always right there when a co-worker has a question, or needs advice.” Both Teri and Project Manager Nicole Mohr rave about Melanie Richard. Nicole added, “Melanie is truly what our Mod Squad Mods are all about! She handles all the craziness of Scan Team with style and grace, never missing a beat. She also works on one of my projects as a dedicated mod, and I don’t know what I would do without her.” She excels in thoughtful judgment, consistency, clarity, and good old fashioned HARD WORK!
Melanie is yet another example of how and why we are successful at ModSquad — we have amazing team members.

Day 7 – Janice Bagley

Day in and day out Janice sets a stellar example of a top-notch mod for all of her projects. She exceeds expectations in every aspect, and her project managers (like Michael Kroger) would feel lost without her. Janice is hardworking, diligent, and has that all-important “can do” attitude which helps make projects successful. As her PM, Chris Nichols, shared, “Janice has an energetic buoyancy about her that impacts everyone around. The tireless can-do attitude she’s known for has made her a valuable asset to every team I’ve worked on with her, and I’ve lost track of how many times she’s come to our rescue in a pinch.” Can’t really top those sentiments (although, I’m sure if given I think her other PM’s would enjoy trying).

Day 8 – Tiffany Grant

Tiffany has been a long-time moderator for ModSquad, working on a project with one of our oldest clients. She is well-prepared for her shifts, reliable, and a total team player. Should last minute shifts need to be covered, she’s always game. She’s a team player, and works very hard for her Project Managers, like Michelle Ramage, Nicole Mohr, and Josh Hagood. As Michelle Ramage has said, “Tiffany is an A++ moderator who rocks every single shift that she works!” We’re so happy to have people like you on our team, Tiffany!

Day 9 – Kyle Rowan

As Kyle Rowan’s project manager, Andrew Monk, shared, “In basketball terms, Kyle is our sixth man, he helps fill in for our in-office agents when they need time off or get sick, and he picks up the slack where we need him to. In Kyle’s position, he doesn’t have all the same tools and resources the rest of our team does, but he still comes in and makes an impact in our queues and service. Kyle has good intuition and he’s very willing to learn and ask questions to better himself as an agent and to get better answers to our customers.” Kyle is proactive, supportive, and a total team player. He’s the representation of a top notch Mod, and we’re so grateful to have him on board.

Day 10 – Thomas Rud

As Project Manager Matt Ramsey shared, “Thomas’s technical knowledge allows him to shine at ModSquad. What I like most about working with Thomas is his desire to go above and beyond to dig into issues, ultimately benefiting our clients and saving them and their customers further issues or hassle.” Thomas is a prime example of a mod who goes above and beyond the call of duty. He supports his team, he goes the extra mile for our clients to create great customer experiences, and he is a pleasure to work with!”

Day 11 – Matilde Sanabria

Matilde is quite the example of an amazing Mod. She works on a few of our long-standing projects focused on child safety and community. Matilde is also one of our famed bilingual (or trilingual) Mods. Always happy to pinch in and help, she works hard for her teams, becomes a content expert for the client, and really enjoys the work – which shows in her quality and consistency.

Day 12 – Anna Galetta

Anna is another one of our famed bilingual (or trilingual) Mods. As her PM Lara Greco shared, “Anna is very loyal, attentive to details, prepared and precise. Need help urgently, with 24 hours of warning? At an ungodly time? Anna steps in! Her language skills are solid in multiple languages, making her able to provide services in Italian, English and Japanese with equal ease.” Her PM Bastian Sandfuchs concurs, “Great attention for detail, passionate about her work, and always happy to help out.” We are so honored to have mods like Anna Galetta at ModSquad. As 2016 rapidly approaches, we look forward to sharing more Mods with you as we continue to conquer the digital world, and help bring success to our clients, communities, and projects.

To our mods old and new – thank you for all the hard-work, dedication, and support. We look forward to celebrating MORE mods in 2016!

Izzy Neis
Director of Strategy & Engagement

Jason Ferguson
Director of Client Services

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