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Sparking Joy: What the ModSquad Community is Loving Right Now

During the month of February, it isn’t uncommon to focus on things that evoke feelings of love and joy. The recent Marie Kondo organizing theory of “sparking joy” can transcend from the home realm into everyday life. The things that spark joy in our life have a direct impact on how we feel.

We reached out to our community and asked, “What are you loving right now?” The responses we received were as diverse as the day is long. If you’re having trouble finding joy in the every day or are looking for a new hobby… here’s some inspiration!

Anna C. – Upstate New York
I’m absolutely loving the game Fallout 76 and taking weird/funny photos in the game. It’s giving me an escape from the reality that is the current world. And I get to spend a lot of time with friends I’ve made in the game.

Holly O. – Georgia
I love my big crazy family and how we all fit together and support each other. I love that despite our separate lives we all love each other and make time to stay connected.

Falecia S. – North Carolina
Being able to work from the comfort of my own home. After years of searching, I came across ModSquad on Indeed.

Martin H. – Ireland
Spring! Spring in Ireland starts at the beginning of February, with the making of St Brigid’s crosses and daffodils flowering. It marks the growing season when we all look forward to the days lengthening nicely and the next crop of lambs!

Gina W. – Germany
I’m loving my husband, my Granny, and my mother in law. I also love my hobbies, which are reading, listening to music, cooking, being silly, and doing artsy craftsy things.

Brittany J. – Texas
I’m loving East Texas weather. You never know what you will wake up to!

Rabbit K. – California
Pigeons! I’ve loved pigeons since I was a tiny child and did the Pigeon Dance along with Bert from Sesame Street. As an adult I adopted a gorgeous fancy lad from a pigeon fancier in New York and had him shipped to me in California. This pigeon, named Tom Lehrer, was a hilariously ungraceful, shockingly intelligent charmer with a bad foot that caused him to walk in circles. This past year, a local pigeon rescue reached out to me and asked if I had space for one more, and I was able to welcome one-eyed Alastor Moody into my life!

Susan S. – Iowa
I’m in this glorious stage, where my four children (who were born in five years) are quickly having their own children. I have 1 who is turning 9, but the other 10 are all under 5 years old, with (at least) one more coming in the spring. It’s chaotic, a madhouse, it’s loud and full of drool and diaper-changes and nursing mamas. But mostly it’s full of a loving family passing each other’s beloved children back and forth with joy and tenderness, and so much love. It’s cousins and siblings and Aunties and Funcles, and at the center, this very blessed Nonny, who can’t imagine loving them more.

Nicole G. – Pennsylvania
Camping. I love all things camping! I have been an avid camper for 38 years. I enjoy the outdoors, and spending time with family and friends.

Suzie O. – Pennsylvania
Patriot’s Cove in Noxen PA. It is a local organization organized by a Vet as a retreat for for injured Veterans, First Responders, and their caregivers. In, addition they are restoring the natural habitat of our native brown trout in Beaver Run.

I like how much they are bringing the community together for a common cause. Working together with like-minded people to enrich the lives of others is an amazing feeling. What’s not to love! I discovered it through word of mouth. There was no way something this awesome could stay a secret in this rural community.

As you an see we are quite diverse in the things that we’re loving. As cliche as it may sound, it really is the small things that bring enormous joy!

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Talk Back

Posted on February 18, 2019

These are amazing… that’s a lot of stockings for Santa to fill Holly! Susie – could you be beaming any more?? SO much love – loving it! Thanks for sharing all.

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