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How Social Media Videos Connect You With Customers

Videos have always captured our attention. From home movies to video cassettes to MTV, consumers have clamored for video content. As the internet grew, so did the number of platforms on which to share our videos, with the biggest change coming in 2005, with the introduction of what would become the world’s largest online video platform, YouTube. Since then, sites like the short-lived Vine and the oddly addictive TikTok (especially since its merger with the popular have fed our insatiable appetite for video content. People like to watch engaging snippets that quickly get to the point in an entertaining way.

As ModSquad predicted, internet video consumption remains on a steady climb, and is projected to account for 82% of all IP traffic by 2022. Video content engages consumers in ways other media simply can’t. If you want to connect with customers, it’s time to start using videos on social media. In case you’re not sure how important it is, here are some stats to consider:

  • 87% of marketers keep video in their arsenal
  • Consumers spend nearly seven hours watching videos every week
  • 88% of marketers are happy with their video marketing ROI
  • Users spend as much as 88% more time when websites feature video
  • 80% of consumers have purchased an app or software after watching a product video

Clearly, it’s time to develop a plan to weave videos into your social media content, positioning them as regular posts, ads, stories, even profile clips. Different video styles gel with different social platforms, and those platforms are always changing. For example, YouTube works well for longer, louder content, since users are actively choosing to watch a video. On the other hand, Facebook videos work better in shorter lengths and as soundless, captioned clips that can be opened at work. Determine your audience and what purpose videos will serve your brand as you assemble your strategy. Let’s look at three ways you can use videos to your advantage.

Use Social Media Videos to Inform

Videos are an inexpensive and effective way to transmit information. The best thing about videos is they help the message stick. Reading about safety awareness around trains isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of a fun time. Yet this clever and catchy video of that very topic wound up becoming the world’s most-shared public-service announcement, with 185 millions views to date. Here are some types of information that make a bigger impact as videos.

  • Interviews: Introduce your CEO, interview your founder, or chat with an industry influencer in a video that will help you connect with your audience. Particularly in sales and service realms, forging an identity with your customers helps generate loyalty.
  • Reviews: Let customers submit video reviews of your products to put a face to a name. There’s a big difference between a statement that Suzy likes your product, and a video of Suzy opening it, trying it, and telling viewers why she likes it.

Use Social Media Videos to Engage

Many would consider video the most engaging aspect of social media. It’s the reason tools like FaceTime and Skype were created. In our increasingly digital age, transactions are often cold and impersonal. Video makes those interactions personal again; social media gives them incredible reach.

  • Demos: Watching someone demonstrate a product taps into the human psyche. It’s comforting, interesting, and helpful to see how things are supposed to work. (Think of how consumers can watch makeup tutorials for hours on end.) The conversion rate on landing pages is 80% higher if the page features a video demos.
  • Thought Provocation: Link a video with your thought for the day, a common question customers have, or a hot topic in the news. Videos that create a reaction are often liked, shared, and pinned, all of which increase traffic to your site.

Use Social Media Videos to Entertain

A recent study shows that, in addition to receiving better engagement from favored brands, consumers are also looking for videos to entertain them. Blender company Blendtec and Volvo Trucks both found success with clever videos that brought humor to what wouldn’t normally be humorous products. Experiment with creative strategies to figure out what works best for your brand.

  • GIFs, Memes, TikTok, and More: Forget cookie-cutter websites and emails that get lost in the shuffle. Social media lets you have a little fun with your marketing campaign. Follow the trend of short, funny videos featuring GIFs, memes, and TikToks to grab your customer’s attention. If they know you have a personality, they’ll feel more connected to you.
  • Promotion: Give the customer a reason to click on your links. Make a video of your sales and freebies; showcase your products being put to innovative use. Publicize your brand’s culture; clips of staff members engaging in philanthropy, attending team building events, or supporting a cause let customers see who you are.

Social media video marketing isn’t just for fun anymore, it’s a necessary part of success. In a world where consumers are looking to make connections, giving a sense of personality to your brand is essential. Move beyond simple product pitches and show the values and traditions that make your company unique. If your message resonates with viewers, those authentic connections will have a lasting effect.

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