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The Ops Centers of Brotherly Love: ModSquad Celebrates Siblings Day

You could say we are all related within our vast ModSquad network. For some of us, though, the connections extend beyond work friendships and into the more familial. Among us you will find mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, cousins and siblings — all flying the ModSquad banner with pride!

In celebration of Siblings Day, it felt only right to take a moment to introduce you to two sets of brothers among our ranks — Shane and Callum Beeton and Dylan and Kyle Fitzgerald. We sat down with the Beeton Brothers in our Operations Center in Derry, Northern Ireland and the Fitzgeralds in Sacramento, California to learn a bit more about what’s it like to work together, and we’re delighted to share what we found out.  

Meet the Beeton Brothers

Shane and Callum have been working for ModSquad from our Derry Operations Center since 2016 and 2017, respectively. Shane, a Project Manager, is three years senior to Callum, a UK Representative, both support a number of very cool clients here at ModSquad. When asked how they enjoyed working together, they pointed out the ease of carpooling and the relatively good office banter. Unsurprisingly, as both brothers are pursuing studies in Computer Science, they also find that their technical skills complement each other quite well.

When not working or studying, Shane enjoys rock climbing and practicing different musical instruments, including guitar, piano, trumpet, tuba, bodhran, and cajon. Callum is also no stranger to music, being self-taught on the tin whistle and an able flutist. Although they’ve never brought their instruments into the office, you can imagine the fun to be had at a Beeton family party! Their joint hobbies include playing games on PlayStation and going to the pub.

Bonus fun fact: ModSquad isn’t the first place Shane and Callum have worked together. They also provided technical support for a broadband provider at another company. That said, even if ModSquad isn’t the first company, it surely is the best!

Meet the Fitzgerald Brothers

Dylan and Kyle live in Elk Grove, California, and have worked in our ModSquad Operations Center in Sacramento since 2012 and 2017, respectively. Although Dylan is the younger brother (by just one year), he has worked with ModSquad a bit longer and is always happy to lend a helping hand to his bro. Both brothers support a gaming client with customer support and moderation services, with Dylan working as an Assistant Project Manager. When asked about what it’s like to work together, the Fitzgeralds say that while they enjoy long conversations outside of work, when on shift they keep focused. Similarly to the Beetons, they also find carpooling to be a big plus.

Kyle and Dylan Fitzgerald (left to right)

Both brothers love video games and the arts (piano for Dylan, sculpting and digital/traditional art for Kyle). Dylan also loves reading and traveling, while Kyle can be found practicing MMA and Brazilian jiu-jitsu — that is, when they’re not both studying, Dylan is currently taking computer science and mathematics courses, while Kyle is studying graphic design. With the little free time they have outside of their many hobbies, work, and studies, they both enjoy PC gaming and spending time with friends.

So there you have it: two amazing sets of brothers, separated by about 5,000 miles, but living the shared experience of working together in one of our ModSquad Operations Centers. Whether or not your own sibling is located at the adjoining workstation, let’s all give thanks for the people in our lives we’re lucky enough to call family.

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