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Project Manager of the Quarter – October 2019

We’re big on celebrating one another here at ModSquad. Accomplishments, birthdays — any reason to cheer each other on, we’re all about it. So it gives us real joy not only to celebrate Kellie Cioffi’s fifth anniversary at ModSquad, but also her being named our latest Project Manager of the Quarter!

Kellie was no stranger to the work-from-home scene when she came to ModSquad. For about a decade, she provided customer and technical support and handled reservations and food orders. She credits this varied experience as the solid background she needed in her current Project Manager role: “There’s always something new happening in the PM world, and you have to adapt.”

As a remote worker, Kellie had heard about ModSquad through the grapevine. “It really intrigued me because it allows you to set your own schedule,” she says. “You could work on different projects for the coolest clients around. I was sold, and I’ve never looked back. I always tell people I’m spoiled because I get to work from home. The reality is that we work hard, but I enjoy the clients I work with and I adore the people I manage.”

To achieve the success that Kellie has garnered often requires support. Not only does she benefit from a strong group of coworkers at ModSquad, but Kellie gets a lot of support from her loving family. The mom and stepmom to three kids, ages 10 through 13, is recharged after spending time with her husband and their young ones. The happy couple just celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary, “even though we’ve known each other since high school,” she notes. Kellie also blows off steam by catching up on the latest shows and music, playing video and role-playing games, and cooking. (Her secret cinnamon roll recipe is in high demand in her kitchen.)

Back at ModSquad, Kellie also seems to have a secret recipe for how best to work with clients’ customers. She’s always had a knack for providing smooth resolutions to even the most challenging situations. “When I was a Mod,” she recalls, ”I thrived on being able to de-escalate the issue by making sure the customer was actually heard and their issue was resolved correctly.” Today, she ensures that Mods working on her client projects provide the same level of service. Those clients have taken notice.

My proudest moment at ModSquad is when I flew out last year to visit with our client, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. I was so happy to meet all of the people that I interacted with via email or conference calls. I really felt valued, being able to share my ideas and expertise with the whole corporate communications team at DFW.

Reiterating her earlier words about adaptability, Kellie sums up her success at ModSquad concisely.

Always expect change. Each day is never the same, so you have to go with the flow, conform to new expectations, and always be up for a challenge. 

Kellie’s managers will confirm that she’s up for any challenge. When offering insight into the latest PM of the Quarter, they had some strong words of praise.

“Kellie creates incredible rapport with both the client and those working on the project. She is passionate about her work, dependable, and always ensures that we are exceeding the client’s expectations. She is willing to help others and is a pleasure to work with.”
— Monica A., Account Manager

“The client appreciates her so much that they specifically called me to make sure she gets accolades.”
— Izzy Neis, Sr. Director, Digital Engagement 

“A few months back, Kellie jumped in to help manage a project while the PM was out. Despite being new to the project, Kellie handled the transition really well.”
— Jason Ferguson, Sr. Director, Client Services

“I’ve worked with Kellie and have had nothing but positive experiences.”
— Jay A., Account Manager

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Amy P
Posted on October 17, 2019

RE: The recipe! Gina stole the words out of my mouth! (And will probably steal the cinnamon rolls too.) Well done, Kellie!

Posted on October 17, 2019

Congratulations Kellie! We need to talk about this “secret cinnamon roll recipe”!!! Those are my absolute fav flavors (cinnamon, sugar, butter, & dough) – second only to Pumpkin Pie. I MUST KNOW THE RECIPE! 🙂 #kiddingnotkidding Thanks for your hard work!

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