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Project Manager of the Quarter — May 2021

We have a lot of admiration for our Project Managers (PMs) here at ModSquad. They keep things running smoothly and their responsibilities run the gamut from managing client satisfaction to being a key point of contact for Mods. Because of their invaluable contribution to client success, it’s always a pleasure to introduce the world at large to one of our PMs every few months. Let’s pull up a stool and chat with Shane Beeton, our latest Project Manager of the Quarter.

Based in Northern Ireland, Shane just celebrated his five year anniversary with ModSquad. During that time he’s kept busy working full time and studying Computer Science at Ulster University. In fact, it was his time at Ulster that led him to us.

“One of my lecturers recommended ModSquad to me in a career preparation group I was part of,” he explains. “ModSquad had just opened their offices in the Derry-Londonderry city center the year before, and there was a lot of buzz about the company.” Having previously provided technical support for one of the UK’s largest broadband suppliers, Shane’s experience and people skills made him a natural for customer support work. But that’s not all he’s done at ModSquad.

Shane’s process driven style and his background in support was a great foundation for the natural empathy he has for our clients’ customers. Focusing on the user experience has served Shane well, as he’s applied for and obtained several new positions at ModSquad over the years, including a stint as an Assistant Project Manager.

Part of Shane’s process is to pay close attention to statistics and analytics that vary by client. As a Project Manager, he places considerable emphasis on the information he learns from the reporting on his projects. “The stats are always important,” he explains. “They tell us (and our clients) how we’re succeeding and what we need to do going forward. Making sure you have all the data to make informed decisions is a key part of nearly any role.”

Those decisions are an integral part of his duties, as they can have a strong impact on a client engagement. Shane says, “As a PM, one of my key goals is to make sure the customers and Mods receive what they need in order to enhance the overall customer experience.”

In his free time, Shane loves hanging out with his three Border Collies, Buddy, Lassie, and Sterling. He’s an avid rock climber and a musician. “I love learning new instruments,” he enthuses. “Guitar is my favorite, but I also play drums called the bodhrán and the cajón pretty frequently.”

That love of learning extends into his work days, where Shane is always looking ahead to see how the latest tech may soon be integrated into projects. He notes, “I’m very excited to see where the industry will be taken in regards to its adoption of AI-based systems. You’ll always need that personal touch, but this will definitely provide a new experience.”

Shane’s enthusiasm for work extends to an appreciation for his coworkers and ModSquad events. He cites as one of his more memorable moments at the company his participation in our annual charitable marathon, Extra Life. “I had the opportunity to visit the Austin, Texas Operations Center. We landed in Austin while Extra Life was in full swing, so we dropped our bags at the place we were staying and headed straight to the office. In hindsight, taking part in a hot sauce challenge immediately after an 11-hour flight is a very strange definition of ‘fun,’ but it was a good time!”

Shane’s camaraderie, work ethic, and unique skills make him a favorite here at ModSquad, as evidenced by the following words of praise:

“Shane is a great asset to ModSquad. He has been instrumental in the significant growth we’ve seen on one of our bigger projects. He’s supportive of others and does stellar work both internally and with clients. Everyone enjoys working with him and he always brings a great level of enthusiasm to any project he is involved with.”
— Stephen Dunne, Director, Client Services

“Shane is not only a hard worker and great at what he does, but he’s wonderful with clients, mature, responsible, and thinks outside the box. It’s a pleasure working with him and seeing how he supports and mentors others.“
— Renee Odunaiya, Director, Client Services

“I have worked closely with Shane on projects and I must say, he’s a very dedicated and hard working PM. He takes streamlining and making a project more efficient very seriously while still working hard to maintain that connection with the Mods that a PM needs.”
— Chris C. Account Manager

“I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with Shane on several projects. He’s a real star and a huge asset to ModSquad. His insight, knowledge, and experience are nothing short of fantastic.”
— David H., Account Manager

“Shane has a positive, enthusiastic approach, and is highly respected by others. Shane went above and beyond throughout a recent project launch. He is reliable and conscientious, always bringing solutions to the table. His contribution on this recent project was pivotal to the success of the launch, and remains so as we move into the next phase.”
— Caroline M. Account Manager

Do you have your own words of support for Shane? Congratulate our latest PM of the Quarter in the comments section below.

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Talk Back

Posted on May 19, 2021

Congratulations Shane! Well deserved. If I get sent to Derry for Extra Life this year, a pint is on me! (Hint Hint – Gina needs to go to Ireland!) LOL 🙂

Debora F
Posted on May 13, 2021

Congrats Shane!

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