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Project Manager of the Quarter – January 2019

We’ve just come off a whirlwind few weeks of celebrating the people who make ModSquad great, from awesome Mods to the recipient of our Bestofus Festivus award. But the accolades keep coming in 2019, as we happily introduce the year’s first Project Manager of the Quarter, Mark Concannon! 

Mark joined ModSquad in Derry, Northern Ireland in July 2016 and hasn’t looked back. As a student at the University of Ulster, Mark was busy earning his Information Communication Technology degree when a buzz began to spread among the school’s IT community. ModSquad was coming to town, and word was out that the company was seeking qualified folks to populate our European Operations Centre. After graduation, Mark was offered an opportunity as a Mod; after excelling in that role, he eventually applied for an available Project Manager position. Needless to say, he’s proven to be a great PM.

My proudest moment would be beginning as a Mod on the VitalSource project and later applying for and becoming a Project Manager. The journey has been very rewarding and something I will cherish for a long time.

Mark recognizes that his work, along with that of his team, is in service of two groups of people — ModSquad’s clients and their customers. He finds serving each group equally important.

My background is customer support and call center work. This is my forte and what I really enjoy. Making customers and clients happy is rewarding in every way possible. I also work hard on client relations. Building that relationship is key to showing that at ModSquad, we’re always here to help, and we have the clients’ interests at heart.

Maintaining those relationships and consistently pleasing customers is no mean feat, but Mark knows what it takes to make it happen.

My goal is to have a group that enjoys coming to work, that cares. If you have that, everything else falls into place. The customer receives a great experience and the client gets the results that ModSquad is known for.

His dedication and determination have made an impression on many of his coworkers, who can attest to his growth and success as a Project Manager, as we’ll share below. One last bit of advice from Mark for future PMs? “Listen and learn. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and show eagerness and initiative.”

“Mark has been one of my most reliable Project Managers. He’s always ready and willing to step up to any task for one of my highest-volume projects and longest-running clients. Mark’s management style is greatly appreciated by everyone I talk to, from our executive team to the Assistant Project Managers who work with him. It’s always a struggle when his APMs get new projects, because they don’t want to stop working with Mark’s group. The only downside is that I haven’t had the opportunity to meet him in person yet!”
–Jay Biros, Account Manager

“Mark is someone I can depend on to take on any task. He’s very approachable and is well respected by his colleagues at all levels in the organization and by our clients. He gets the job done and has delivered some great successes. Keep up the good work, Mark!”
–Stephen Dunne, Director, Client Services

“Mark is a reliable manager who steps up to every challenge we throw at him. He’s well liked by both his peers and his clients, and has been a key part of helping to grow the projects in which he’s involved.”
–Jason Ferguson, Senior Director, Client Services

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with and watch Mark grow over the past two years, and it’s been nothing short of stellar. Day in and day out, Mark goes above and beyond in client delivery and in support of those around him. If there’s ever an issue that comes up, we can always count on Mark to take the lead and generate serious results. Mark absolutely rocks!”
–Mike Koger, Senior Project Manager

“When I worked in the office in Derry, Mark was always one of the Mods who took a great interest in the company and how things worked. He educated himself on our processes and culture, and we quickly noticed what an asset Mark was to ModSquad. When Mark became a PM, he continued to excel in his work, always took the initiative to troubleshoot and resolve any problems, and was our reliable go-to guy. I always relax when I know Mark is going to be on one of my projects!”
–Mike Marcantel, Account Manager

“I really enjoy working with Mark and appreciate his willingness to help where he can. Mark is dedicated to excellence and I’ve found him to be very resourceful and a problem solver. He is quick to support and assist others and he regularly comes to the table with ideas on how to improve the way we operate.”
–Steve Henry, VP of Services

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Nice job, Mark!

    Nicole B. Greiss
    Posted on January 17, 2019

    Great job!!!

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