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Project Manager of the Quarter — August 2021

For Brett Jacob, our latest Project Manager of the Quarter, things have been heating up. As we speak, the Sacramento, California resident has been enduring a triple-digit summer heatwave without an air conditioner to cool him off. But that hasn’t slowed Brett down; he’s full steam ahead on his ModSquad projects while he awaits the arrival of his in-demand AC repair tech. With fans providing some relief, Bret has just wrapped up a few major projects and is digging into a few new tasks, all of which focus on customer service. He’s enjoying his workload, dubbing it “challenging, interesting, and rewarding.”

These current projects suit Brett to a T. While he has significant experience working on moderation and community management tasks, he’s extremely well-versed in all things customer support: calls, tickets, chats, email… the works. It stems from his original stint as a Mod, back in the day. Brett originally joined the Mods in 2013 while earning his college degree; he graduated Summa Cum Laude from Sacramento State. “The experience was priceless,” recalls Brett, “and reinforced the importance of hard work.” He garnered additional experience shortly after college, including a few retail jobs in managerial positions, before returning to ModSquad, where he was hired as a ModSquad Assistant Project Manager and, later, as a Project Manager. 

In his current role, Brett helps ensure client success by helping them achieve their customer experience goals. It’s a big responsibility, but one that’s made easier by ModSquad’s strengths. “ModSquad offers a unique business model, helping clients scale quickly while providing high-level customer service, community management, and moderation. To make this possible, flexibility is very important.”

Another skill Brett possesses, which he deems indispensable for any PM, is a mastery of communication. He calls it “by far the most important part of what I do as a Project Manager, from communicating with the client, Account Managers, and Directors and then making sure the information is provided to Mods. Through regular communication, I help ensure our quality of service.”

Providing a great customer experience for ModSquad’s clients certainly instills Brett with a sense of pride, but it might be this current recognition that he cherishes the most. “Being Project Manager of the Quarter is my proudest moment, and I’ve had a lot of great moments with ModSquad. I absolutely enjoy the people I work with and the atmosphere. It’s one of the main reasons I came back!”

Brett might spend time reading One Piece comics or playing online games like World of Warcraft when his work shift is over. But today, it’s just too darn hot. So he heads down to his local sports bar to cheer on the Los Angeles Dodgers and — perhaps more importantly — appreciate its working AC.

Let’s hear from some of his colleagues on what it’s like to work with Brett:

“Brett has just amazed me with his positive attitude. It’s such a pleasure to work with him. He is always on top of things, ensuring that we bring the best possible service to our clients. He has done a phenomenal job. I love working with him because he loves to crack jokes.”
— Theresa Galle, Account Manager

“I’ve worked with Brett on two projects, and he’s been phenomenal to work with. His positive attitude and great communication skills have created a fantastic work environment.”
— Melody Shaefer, Account Manager

“Brett has a great feel for data while also being great with Mods, clients, and fellow managers.”
— Matt Ramsey, Account Manager

“Brett does his job very well. He keeps clients happy, he’s fair, and he manages people well.”
— Renee Odunaiya, Director, Client Services

“Brett is great!”
— Jason Ferguson, Sr. Director, Client Services

Do you have your own words of support for Brett? Congratulate our latest PM of the Quarter in the comments section below.

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Talk Back

Posted on September 10, 2021

A fellow Dodgers fan?!?! I KNEW I liked you! 😉 We can keep each other company in this SF Giants territory! Congrats – so glad to have you on Team ModSquad!

Posted on August 17, 2021

Excellent job, Brett!

Sheryl T
Posted on August 17, 2021

Congratulations, Brett! Well deserved!

Joy Wilson
Posted on August 17, 2021

Congrats to Brett! Well deserved!

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